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IAML Kraków Congress Diary #12: VAUT LE VOYAGE! (Netherlands)

The twelfth Congress Diary comes from Gert Floor, a member of  Nederlandse Vereniging van Muziekbibliotheken, Muziekarchieven en Muziekdocumentatiecentra (NVMB):

Eerste indruk van Polen per spoor: Polen is een rijk land w.b. landbouw en (gecultiveerde?) natuur. Ook Warschau maakt een welvarende indruk.

Eerste indruk bij aankomst in Krakòw: wat een drukte!! Wat een kermis die Grote Markt! Pas later leerde ik daar doorheen te kijken en vond ik het heel sfeervol. Alles is te belopen!

Call for applications - The Liesbeth Hoedemaeker-Cohen Fund and The H. Robert Cohen / RIPM Fund for IAML Congress Travel

The Liesbeth Hoedemaeker-Cohen Fund for IAML Congress Travel was established in Liesbeth’s honor on 24 February 2017. The H. Robert Cohen / RIPM Fund for IAML Congress Travel was established in 2019 on the occasion of RIPM’s fortieth birthday, in recognition of RIPM’s contribution to international scholarship and of those who created and contribute to it. The cash awards from both Funds are intended to support travel to attend the annual IAML congress.

IMC 6th World Forum on Music

IAML and RISM at the IMC World Forum

I had the great privilege to attend the IMC 6th World Forum on Music in Paris, 28 September-1 October. The International Music Council (IMC) was founded in 1949 by UNESCO and the Forum was combined with a celebration of its 70th Anniversary. I represented IAML together with Stanisław Hrabia, IAML’s President and Klaus Keil, Director of the RISM Central Editorial Office. We enjoyed inspirational lectures, panel discussions, poster presentations, an exhibition, several concerts … and cocktails. As always, networking was an important part of the meeting.


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