IAML elections

Elections will start 1 May!

[Versions in German and French - please, see below]

* Dear IAML-members,

In a week the elections for President and Vice-presidents will begin. The election will be open between 1st May 2013 and 31st May 2013. We have one candidate for President and five candidates for the four positions as Vice- Presidents. You will find links to voting instructions and CVs + photos of all candidates on the IAML Homepage.

Elections 2005

Would you like the opportunity to become more actively involved in IAML? Elections for officers of Professional Branches and Subject Commissions will take place at the meeting in Warsaw this year.

IAML call for nominations

To all IAML members

Candidates for the 2007 presidential and vice-presidential elections

Please let me remind you that every member of IAML has the right to propose candidates for the office of the President and the four Vice-Presidents. According to the Constitution "the President may only be re-elected


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