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Dispute between DIAMM and IMSLP

There is currently a major dispute going on between DIAMM (Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music) and IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project) over the latter's copying of free manuscript images from DIAMM with consequent invalidations of DIAMM's contracts with some owning libraries. IMSLP is saying the images are out there so they are free to use but DIAMM says that because of this some libraries have already withdrawn images and others might well refuse to allow further digitization. There has been a lot of discussion on MLA-L and on the IMSLP forums. This needs to be brought to the attention of the international music librarian community and your reactions are welcome.

News from the Petrucci Music Library

This reached us from the Petrucci Library:

The IMSLP/PML archive passed the count of 250,000 free online scores on Saturday evening (last week). It marks a fairly important milestone for us. We also wish to take the opportunity to thank all the MLA members and partner libraries like Sibley, University of Louisville, Gaylord Library, the Danish Royal Library, and the BNF-Gallica and all others whose assistance and kind help have made it possible. Onward to half a million!


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