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Uings J, Williams S, Bird C.  2012.  Teach yourself guitar . :18pages:.
Hopkins A.  2012.  The Ukuleles . :64pages:.
Ulhôa M, Azevedo C, Trotta F.  2015.  Made in Brazil : studies in popular music /. :xiii,249pages:illustrations,maps,music;26cm..
Ullén F.  2020.  Den musicerande människan : kultur och arv i samspel : slutrapport från ett forskningsprogram.
Ullman A..  2020.  De sidste drømmere. Roskilde Festival i et halvt århundrede. . :304p..
Ullsten A.  2019.  Singing, sharing, soothing : Family-centred music therapy during painful procedures in neonatal care.
Ulrich C.  2018.  The big note : a guide to the recorded works of Frank Zappa /. :xliii,754pages;.
Um H-kyung.  2013.  Korean musical drama : p'ansori and the making of tradition in modernity /. :xviii,254pages:.
Unger MP.  2023.  Historical dictionary of choral music . :xvi,671pages:.
Uniting Church in Australia., Bible Society Australia,.  2020.  Nyiri inmatjara : inkara Godanya walkuntjaku.. :320pages:.
Hochradner T, Schwarzbauer M, Hiesel S, Wozonig T.  2022.  Leopold Mozart : Chronist und Wegbereiter : Dokumentation einer Tagung des Arbeitsschwerpunktes Salzburger Musikgeschichte an der Universität Mozarteum Salzburg in Kooperation mit dem Department für Musikpädagogik an der Universität Mozarteum Salz. Band 10:275pages:.
University of Salford,, Royal Northern College of Music..  2012.  The RNCM Medical Notes Project at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital : outcomes for children, families, musicians and hospital staff : final report : July 2012.. :39pages;.
R. Unnerbäck A, Eklund KJohan, Arvidsson M, Blomberg G, Gripentrog H, Lewenhaupt C-G, Monié W, Mäkinen K, Norgren L, Wester B et al..  2016.  Johan Niclas Cahman och orgeln i Leufsta bruk.
Unseld M..  2022.  Musikgeschichte »Klassik« . Band 21:264pages:.
Urkevich L.  2015.  Music and traditions of the Arabian Peninsula : Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar /. :xiv,356pages:illustrations,music;21cm+1audiodisc(digital,MP3file;43/4in.).
Urquhart PWhitney..  2021.  Sound and sense in Franco-Flemish music of the Renaissance : sharps, flats, and the problem of 'musica ficta' /. volume 7:1onlineresource(xxv,598pages):.
Usher S.  2019.  Letters of note. .