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Aringer K, Revers P, Wozonig T.  2023.  "Seine ganze Musikdeutung geht ja vom Klang aus" : musikalische Interpretation bei Herbert von Karajan : Referate des Symposiums an der Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz, 29. April bis 1. Mai 2019 /. Band 114:304pages:.
Pöche J, Rentsch I.  2023.  Selle-Verzeichnis : Thomas Selles Kompositionen und ihre Quellen /. Band 5:xi,712pages:.
Saremba M.  2023.  Sergej Rachmaninoff : ein russischer Weltbürger : Biografie /. :520pages:.
Gall Z.  2023.  Šezdesete: kad je glazba mijenjala svijet. Biblioteka Vremeplov / Media bar. :584.
Wolff L.  2023.  The shadow of the empress : fairy-tale opera and the end of the Habsburg monarchy /. :1onlineresource(xiv,435pages):.
János F.  2023.  Signs of dance. Hungarian ethnochoreology. :540.
Hooper E.  2023.  Singers, scores and sounds : making new connections and transforming voices /. :1onlineresource..
Chapman JL, Morris R.  2023.  Singing and teaching singing : a holistic approach to classical voice /. :xx,620pages:.
Dahlberg T.  2023.  Släpp sångarna loss! : genus, gestaltningsnormer och konstnärligt handlingsutrymme i opera.
Bostridge I.  2023.  Song & self : a singer's reflections on music and performance /. :xviii,110pages,4unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Rodgers S.  2023.  The songs of Clara Schumann . :1onlineresource(x,193pages):.
Seroussi E.  2023.  Sonic ruins of modernity : Judeo-Spanish folksongs today /. :1onlineresource(xvii,222pages):.
Sköld M.  2023.  Sound notation : the visual representation of sound for composition and analysis.
Bertola MFosco.  2023.  The sound of Žižek : musicological perspectives on Slavoj Žižek /. volume 2:xv,178pages.
Magowan F, Norman JM, Phillips-Hutton A, Lehner S, Rebelo P.  2023.  Sounding conflict : from resistance to reconciliation /. :xi,224pages:.
Naliwajek K.  2023.  Sounds of apocalypse : music in Poland under German occupation /. vol. 25:1onlineresource..
Graakjær N.  2023.  The sounds of spectators at football . :1onlineresource(vi,176pages):.
Agamennone M, Palma D, Sarno G.  2023.  Sounds of the pandemic : accounts, experiences, perspectives in times of COVID-19 /. :xiii,295pages:.
Cradduck L..  2023.  Spiritual Dimensions in the Music of Edmund Rubbra . :1onlineresource.
Nösner D..  2023.  Sponsorship culture in the German university popular music festival market . volume 6:257pages:.
Browne SElizabeth.  2023.  Staging rebellion in the musical, Hair : marginalised voices in musical theatre /. :1onlineresource(xiv,179pages):.
Blecha P.  2023.  Stomp and shout : R&B and the origins of Northwest rock and roll /. :xv,278pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Béla B, László S, Zsombor N.  2023.  Streichquartett Nr. 3 : [BB 93] : [Dedicated to the Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia. :IX,39.
Béla B, László S, Zsombor N.  2023.  Streichquartett Nr. 3 : [BB 93] : [Dedicated to the Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia] = String Quartet no. 3 . :VII,22,13,12,11.
Béla B, László S, Zsombor N.  2023.  Streichquartett Nr. 4 : [BB 95] : [Au Quatour Pro Arte (Alphonse Onnou, Laurent Halleux, Germain Prévost, Robert Maas. :XVI,54.