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Monge L, Evans D.  2022.  Wasn't that a mighty day : African American blues and gospel songs on disaster /. :xv,501pages:.
French S.  2019.  The way of the guitar : a five-step method to learning to play the guitar, enhance your creativity and find a sense of calm /. :1volume;.
Pizà A, Rosen C, Wakin DJ.  2022.  The way of the moderns : six perspectives on Modernism in music /. 1:ix,161pages:.
Matzkov G.  2020.  Way out west : the West Australian pop rock blues music scene 1960-1979 /. :1unnumberedvolume:.
John E.  2020.  Wayfaring stranger : a musical journey in the American South /. :1volume:.
John E.  2019.  Wayfaring stranger : a musical journey in the American South /. :1volume;.
John E.  2019.  Wayfaring stranger : a musical journey in the American South /. :1onlineresource..
Heintz J, Hofmann A, McCurdy I.  2013.  Ways ahead : proceedings of the First International Csound Conference /. :xii,298pages:.
Smith G, Sullivan C.  2012.  We can be heroes : punks, poseurs, peacocks and people of a particular persuasion : London clubland 1976-1984 /. :320p.:.
Basford J, Toft T.  2020.  W.E. Hill & Sons : violin makers 1880-1936 /. :128pages:.
Davidson E.  2022.  We never learn : the gunk punk undergut, 1988-2001 /. :xx,361pages:.
Plavin Z.  2022.  We piano teachers and our demons : socio-psychological obstacles on the road to inspired and secure performance /. volume 32:xxi,158pages:.
Anderson J.  2012.  We sang better . :2volumes:.
Marsh C, Campbell MV.  2020.  We still here : hip hop north of the 49th parallel /. :1onlineresource.
Parker M.  2017.  Wedding music : getting it right /. :30pages:.
Hochradner T..  2020.  Wege zu ""Stille Nacht"" : Zur Vor- und Nachgeschichte einer ""einfachen Composition"". v. 8:1onlineresource(178pages).
Gaddy K.R, Giddens R.  2022.  Well of souls : uncovering the banjo's hidden history /. :xvii,284pages:.
LeVine M.  2022.  We'll play till we die : journeys across a decade of revolutionary music in the Muslim world /. :xxxv,309pages:.
White H..  2020.  Well-tempered festschrift : reading "Music Preferred.". :1onlineresource.
Maggs A, Read P.  2014.  Welsh choirs on tour : what goes on tour, stays on tour ... or does it? / :140pages,8unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Walton A.  2019.  Welsh whisperer, y . :1onlineresource.
Du, Xinping = 杜新平, Fan, Linlin = 范琳琳.  2015.  Wen hua shi ye xia de zhong guo min zu yin yue = 文化视野下的中国民族音乐 . :246.
Wang, Zonglin = 王纵林, Wang, Yimeng = 王艺萌.  2015.  Wen hua shi yu xia min zu yin le de chuan cheng yu fa zhan = 文化视域下民族音乐的传承与发展 . :138.
Powery LA.  2019.  Were You There? : Lenten Reflections on the Spirituals / :xiii,129pages;.
Müller CA.  2020.  Werk oder Ware? : wirtschaftlicher Strukturwandel in der Tonträgerindustrie der Bundesrepublik zwischen 1951 und 1983 / :255pages:.