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Kikuchi K.  2017.  Tōhoku no minzoku geinō to sairei gyōji . :xv,411pages:.
Fukuoka M., Fukuoka S., Inōe S., Pratiwi WSuci., Kimu Y., Koike M., Sakagawa N., Suzuki B, Takeshita A., Takemura Y. et al..  2018.  Tōnan ajia no popyurā karuchā : aidentiti kokka gurōbaruka /. :478pages;.
Capdepón-Verdú P, Pastor-Comín J-J.  2019.  Trabajos que nacen del espíritu. Estudios sobre música y literatura en la obra cervantina. Investigación y Patrimonio Musical; nº 10. :465.
Fraile-Gil JManuel..  2016.  Tradición oral y zambomba . :734p.;.
Fleischmann T.  2014.  Tradition and craft in piano-playing. :xxii,273pages.
Kim H.  2022.  Tradition and creativity in Korean taegum flute performance . :1onlineresource:.
Bogdanović D, Bouvier X.  2018.  Tradition and synthesis : multiple modernities for composer-performers /. :151pages:.
Dowling MW.  2014.  Traditional music and Irish society : historical perspectives /. :xvi,350pages:.
Coleman N..  2012.  The train in the night : a story of music and loss /. :275p.;.
K. Goldberg M, Clark WAaron, Pizà A.  2019.  Transatlantic malagueñas and zapateados in music, song and dance : Spaniards, natives, Africans, Roma /. :1volume;.
Frühauf T.  2021.  Transcending dystopia : music, mobility, and the Jewish community in Germany, 1945-1989 /. :xxiii,613pages:.
Maier CJ.  2020.  Transcultural sound practices : British Asian dance music as cultural transformation /. :xii,225pages;.
Floyd SA, Zeck M, Ramsey GP.  2017.  The transformation of black music : the rhythms, the songs, and the ships that make the African diaspora /. :xxxv,240pages:.
Polischuk DKealii.  2019.  Transformational piano teaching : mentoring students from all walks of life /. :x,219pages:.
Doonan S.  2022.  Transformer : a story of glitter, glam rock, & loving Lou Reed /. :150pages:.
Doonan S.  2022.  Transformer : a story of glitter, glam rock, & loving Lou Reed /. :150pages:.
Diamond B, Castelo-Branco SEl-Shawan.  2021.  Transforming ethnomusicology. . :1onlineresource(272pages):.
Diamond B, Castelo-Branco SEl-Shawan.  2021.  Transforming ethnomusicology : methodologies, institutional structures & policies /. :1onlineresource(viii,272pages):.
Akutsu T.  2020.  Transforming music education in P-12 schools and the community . :1onlineresource(xiv,240pages).
Skoogh F.  2021.  Transforming performance : an inquiry into the emotional processes of a classical pianist.
Vernallis C, Rogers H, Perrott L.  2020.  Transmedia directors : artistry, industry, and new audiovisual aesthetics /. :xvii,509pages;.
Deschenes B.  2022.  Transmusicality = Transmuzikalnost : mastering a music from another culture . Muzikologija bez granica = Musicologie sans frontieres. :162.
Martin T.  2020.  Transnational flamenco : exchange and the individual in British and Spanish flamenco culture /. :1volume:.
Sterling C.  2019.  Transnational trills in the Africana world . :1onlineresource(1volume)..
Martínez-Peláez A.  2019.  Transversalidad en la investigación de las artes y la creación musical. Arte y Humanidades. :206.