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Dokter J.  2021.  Tempo and tactus in the German Baroque : treatises, scores, and the performance of organ music /. v. 178:1onlineresource(xxi,523pages):.
Stefanović A.  2017.  Temporality and Narrativity in Music Drama. Musicological Studies. Monographs. :p.215.
Allis M.  2013.  Temporaries and eternals : the music criticism of Aldous Huxley, 1922-23 /. :viii,249pages;.
Wang C, Chow JY, Wong SShengmiao.  2019.  The TENG guide to the Chinese orchestra . :1onlineresource.
Ikushima M.  2017.  Tensai Sakkyokuka, Ōsawa Hisato : kakemeguru Bosuton, Pari, Nihon /. :565,xviiipages:.
Cuadrado-Méndez F-J, Domínguez-López J-J.  2019.  Teoría y técnica del sonido. :220.
Etxeverria-Jaime J, Cano MJosé.  2020.  Teresa Catalán. Kaierak Bilduma-Basque Composers of the 21st century. :157p..
Wierzbicki JEugene.  2019.  Terrence Malick : sonic style /. :1volume:.
Wierzbicki JEugene.  2019.  Terrence Malick : sonic style /. :xi,127pages;.
Beal AC.  2022.  Terrible freedom : the life and work of Lucia Dlugoszewski /. 31:1onlineresource(xv,227pages):.
Beal AC.  2022.  Terrible freedom : the life and work of Lucia Dlugoszewski /. 31:xv,227pages:.
Pratchett T., Holmes M..  2012.  Terry Pratchett's Johnny and the bomb : a time-tickingly tremendous musical /. :Score;.
Vass B.  2018.  Térzenetér : zene a társas térben tudományos konferencia . :125.
Smith A.K, Burgis P, Charles H.  2023.  Tex Morton : from Australian yodeler to international showman /. :1onlineresource(xxii,385pages)..
Mooney KEdward.  2021.  Texas jazz singer : Louise Tobin in the golden age of swing and beyond /. number twenty-five:1onlineresource..
Carrillo RRojo.  2021.  Text, liturgy, and music in the Hispanic rite : the vespertinus genre /. :1onlineresource(xvii,399pages):.
Forssell J.  2015.  Textens transfigurationer.
Forssell J.  2015.  Textens transfigurationer.
Wilcher P.  2020.  Téte-à-téte : An idealised conversation between the spirit of composer Frederic Chopin and the Ballade No. 4 in F minor, Op. 52.. :1onlineresource.
Daltrey R.  2019.  Thanks a lot, Mr Kibblewhite : my story /. :1volume:.
Clark G.  2017.  Thanks for the clap : the extraordinary life and times of New Zealand's wildman of country music Ritchie Pickett. :394pages:colorillustrations.
Crossley J.  2020.  That British sound! : how British recording consoles changed pop music /. :1onlineresource.
Noble J, Trelawny P.  2018.  That jealous demon, my wretched health : disease, death and composers /. :1onlineresource:.
Carson SAndrew.  2013.  That silver shore : Easter musical with ten songs /. :98pages:.
Jenkins D.  2019.  That Would Be Telyn : Walking the Pembrokeshire Coast with my harp /. :141pages,8unnumberedpagesofplates:.