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Devine K, Boudreault-Fournier A.  2021.  Audible infrastructures : music, sound, media /. :1onlineresource.
Emerson G.  2023.  Audience experience and contemporary classical music : negotiating the experimental and the accessible in a high art subculture /. :1onlineresource(xv,224pages):.
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Nikolaeva O.  2019.  Audiovisual constructions : material interrelations in live rock performances.
Harvard P.  2020.  Audition songs for men . :1onlineresource..
Harvard P.  2020.  Audition songs for women . :1onlineresource..
Berry D.  2019.  Auditioning for musical theatre . :xv,156pages:.
Rakos M.  2015.  Auer Lipót : 1845-1930. :326.
Maurer-Zenck C.  2020.  Auf dem Weg zur musikalischen Symbiose Die Komponistin Younghi Pagh-Paan.. :180Seiten.
Betzwieser T, Schneider M.  2019.  Aufführung und Edition . Band 46:IX,303Seiten.
Navarro-Sanler I.  2019.  August Bournonville: Historia de una tradición.. :360.
Štědronská M.  2021.  August Wilhelm Ambros : Wege seiner Musikkritik, -ästhetik und -historiographie /. Band 53:298pages:.
Drever JLevack, Hugill A.  2023.  Aural diversity . :xvii,233pages:.
Andrianopoulou M.  2019.  Aural education : reconceptualising ear training in higher music learning /. :1volume:.
Robson A.  2020.  Austral jazz : the localization of a global music form in Sydney /. :xix,161pages:.
Hoad C.  2019.  Australian metal music : identities, scenes, and cultures /. :1onlineresource..
Hooper M.  2019.  Australian music and modernism, 1960-1975 . :x,306pages;.
McNeil R..  2014.  The Australian symphony from Federation to 1960. :xii,237pages:music;25cm.
Covell R.  2016.  Australia's music : themes of a new society /.
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Hernández-Jaramillo J MJM.  2015.  Automatización computacional del análisis paradigmático musical. Su aplicación a la música del flamenco:.
Díaz-González J, Alonso-Ponga JLuis.  2020.  Autos de Reyes en León y Castilla. :268p..
Eigeldinger J-J..  2019.  Autour des "24 préludes" de Frédéric Chopin . :137p.:.