Call for Papers: Association RIdIM Conference in Columbus

Association Répertoire International d’Iconographie Musicale is presenting the 15th International RIdIM Conference, hosted by the Ohio State University Libraries in Columbus, 8-10 November 2015. The Conference will address research related to manifestations of power and repression reflected in visual representations of music, dance, and dramatic arts of all periods, cultures and media.

Welcome to the new IAML website!

The Web Team is pleased to announce the release of the new IAML website! This page has a more intuitive organization and a more welcoming layout. The new website has been designed to function through both desktop and mobile (phone/tablet) browsers. We hope that it is easier for both IAML members and for people interested in IAML to find information on the organization.

Draft code of conduct published for consideration

At least year’s Council meeting in Vienna, Jerry McBride suggested that IAML should formulate a “Code of Conduct”. This is an issue in the USA that could affect delegates’ permission to attend conferences; a number of universities and other institutions in the USA now require associations that hold conferences to have such a Code in order to allow and/or support their faculty, staff, and students to attend. Because next year’s conference is in New York, where attendance could be impacted especially, it is hoped that a Code will be adopted in Antwerp.


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