Fontes contents 2008 (vol. 55)

Volume 55/1, January - March 2008

IAML Reports - Professional Branches

  • Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries Branch   Angela Escott
  • Public Libraries Branch   Hanneke Kuiper
  • Research Libraries Branch   Almut Boehme

Subject Commissions

  • Bibliography Commission   David Day
  • Commission on Audio-Visual Materials   Elizabeth Giuliani
  • Commission on Service and Training   Mary Wallace Davidson
  • Cataloguing Commission   Antony Gordon
  • Cataloguing: Sub-commission on UNIMARC   Laurence Decobert

Working Groups and Committees

  • Archives Branch: Working Group on Access to Music Archives   Judy Tsou and Inger Enquist
  • Hofmeister XIX   Nicholas Cook
  • Working Group on Access to Performance Ephemera   Rupert Ridgewell
  • Working Group on Music and ISBD   David Sommerfield
  • Information Technology Committee   Antony Gordon
  • Outreach   Ruth Hellen
  • Sub-Committee on Guidelines for the IAML Website   Angela Escott


  • RISM (Répertoire international des sources musicales)   Christoph Wolff
  • RILM (Répertoire international de littérature musicale)   Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie
  • RIdIM (Répertoire international d’Image Musicale)   Antonio Baldassare
  • RIPM (Répertoire international de la presse musicale)   H. Robert Cohen

National Reports

Corresponding Editors' News

  • 50th Anniversary of Music Departments in Finnish Public Libraries   Heikki Poroila
  • Popular Song Celebrations   Heikki Poroila
  • Tubin Complete Works Launch    Ilvi Rauna
  • Ursula Vaughan (1911–2007)   Helen Faulkner


  • Music, Libraries and the Academy: Essays in Honor of Lenore Coral. Edited by James P. Cassaro.   J. Bradford Young
  • Bibliographic Control of Music, 1897–2000. By Richard P. Smiraglia. Compiled and edited with J. Bradford Young.   John Wagstaff
  • Women in Music: A Research and Information Guide. By Karin Pendle.   Sophie Fuller
  • An Annotated Catalogue of the Music Manuscripts in the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, D.C. By Richard Charteris.   Andrew R. Walkling
  • J.S. Bach: A Life in Music. By Peter Williams.   Kathryn Lowerre
  • Nähe aus Distanz. Bach-Rezeption in der Schweiz. Herausgegeben von Urs Fischer, Hans-Joachim Hinrichsen, Laurenz Lütteken   Joachim Jaenecke
  • The Conservatoire Américain: A History.   John Wagstaff
  • Jean Coulthard: A Life in Music. By William Bruneau and David Gordon Duke.   Cindy Richardson
    94 Musikinstrumentenbau im interkulturellen Diskurs. Edited by Erik Fischer, Annelie Kürsten and Sarah Brassack.   Joy Pile
  • The Trombone. By Trevor Herbert.   Donald Babcock


Guest Editor: Georgina Binns

  • National Issue: Australia   Georgina Binns
  • From Pencil to Podcast: Maximizing Musical Resources   Malcolm Gillies
  • Some Makings of an Australian Composer (1964–65): Historical Context and the National Library of Australia’s Peter Sculthorpe Papers   Graeme Skinner
  • Music Australia: From Development to Production Service   Robyn Holmes and Kaye McIntyre
  • Contexts, Contents and Challenges: Publishing Music Research in Australia   Robyn Holmes
  • Music and Land Rights: Archival Recordings as Documentation for Australian Aboriginal Land Claims   Grace Koch
  • Engaging with Remote Communities in the Northern Territory: The Libraries and Knowledge Centres Program   Cate Richmond
  • The Gustav Holst and British Music Society of Victoria Collections at the State Library of Victoria   Daniela Kaleva
  • Royal Songs and Royal Singing: Music in the Norodom Sihanouk Archival Collection, Monash University Library    Aline Scott-Maxwell
  • Twelve Ragamala Paintings in The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne: A Concordance for Two Sets of Names and Five Sets of Numbers   Reis W. Flora
  • Spanish Liturgical Music Manuscripts at the University of Sydney: A Preliminary Report   Jane Morlet Hardie
  • Fragments of Medieval Chant Manuscripts at the University of Sydney   Kathleen E. Nelson

Reviews of Australian Books

  • Kathleen E. Nelson Currency Companion to Music and Dance in Australia. John Whiteoak and Aline Scott-Maxwell, general editors.   Kathleen Haefliger
  • Intercultural Music: Creation and Interpretation. Edited by Sally Macarthur, Bruce Crossman and Ronald Morelos.   Anna Gifford
  • The Soundscapes of Australia: Music, Place and Spirituality. Edited by Fiona Richards   Peter Campbell
  • Sounds from the Corner: Australian Contemporary Jazz on CD. By Roger Dean.   Mal Stanley
  • Solo Piano Works of the Last Twenty-five Years. By Dr Jeanell Carrigan.   Georgina Binns


Volume 55/2, April - June 2008

  • Susan Thiemann Sommer, 1935–2008   Hugh Cobbe


  • Sydney Conference: Outreach Committee Session.   Ruth Hellen
  • Music Library Services in Hungary: Future Requirements for Support.   Julianna Gócza
  • Library of Folk Music of Nigeria Project: The Current State.   Christian Onyeji
  • Music Libraries in Armenia: October 2006.   Ruth Hellen


  • An Initial Investigation into the Early Dissemination of Scottish Music in Australia.   Almut Boehme
  • Metadata Design for Digital Chinese Orchestral Scores with Instrumental Parts.   Koo Ching Lan Jasmine and Peter Warning
  • A Selective Bibliography of Writings about Tudor Music 1992–2007: For John Harley on his Eightieth Birthday.    Richard Turbet
  • Copying by Libraries in the United States: Reviewing Section 108 of The US Copyright Laws.   Jerry L. McBride
  • On Alamut, an Opera in Three Acts by Matjaž Jarc.   Franc Križnar

Corresponding Editors' News

  • Digital and Collected Editions Symposium   Ilvi Rauna
  • Merger of Dutch Music Institutes Completed   Ria Warmerdam
  • From Finnish Film Archive to Finnish National Audiovisual Archive   Heikki Poroila
  • CAML   Lisa Philpott


  • How to Write about Music: The RILM Manual of Style.   Edited by James R. Cowdery.   Laurel Tarulli
  • Historical Dictionary of Sacred Music.   By Joseph P. Swain.   Brian Cockburn
  • C. P. E. Bach Studies.   Edited by Annette Richards.   Bryan Proksch
  • Catalogue des éditions françaises de Mozart, 1764-1825.   By Jean Gribenski.   John Wagstaff
  • Analytical Studies in World Music.   Edited by Michael Tenzer.   Mark E. Perry
  • William Byrd: A Guide to Research.   By Richard Turbet.   Anna Pensaert
  • Rock Song Index: the 7500 most important songs of the Rock and Roll era, 1944-2000.   Bruce Pollock.   Andy Linehan
  • Musical AKAs: Assumed Names and Sobriquets of Composers, Songwriters, Librettists, Lyricists, Hymnists, and Writers on Music.   By Jeanette Marie Drone.   Ralph Hartsock
  • Dmitri Shostakovich [Catalogue of Works].   Laurel E. Fay
  • Sergey Prokofiev, Diaries 1907-1914: Prodigious Youth.   Edited and translated by Anthony Phillips.   Kevin Bartig
  • François-Joseph Fétis: correspondance.   Edited by Robert Wangermée.   Jan Dewilde
  • Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition: The First Twenty Years.   By Karen R. Little and Julia Graepel, with assistance from R. Scott Adams.   Ron Wiecki
  • Nationalism and Ethnosymbolism: History, Culture and Ethnicity in the Formation of Nations.   Edited by Athena S. Leoussi and Steven Grosby.   Brian C. Thompson
  • Guide to the Euphonium Repertoire: The Euphonium Sourcebook.   Compiled and edited by Lloyd E. Bone Jr. and Eric Paull.   William G. Rose
  • Classic Chic: Music, Fashion, and Modernism.   By Mary E. Davis.   Keith E. Clifton

Reviews from Forum Musikbibliothek

  • Antonio Vivaldi. Thematisch-systematisches Verzeichnis seiner Werke (RV) / Thematic-Systematic Catalogue of his Works.   Von Peter Ryom.   Jutta Lambrecht
  • Mozarts Opern. Das Handbuch.   Hrsg. von Dieter Borchmeyer und Gernot Gruber.   Peter Sühring
  • Das Reichsorchester. Die Berliner Philharmoniker und der Nationalsozialismus.   Von Mike Aster.   Die Furtwänglers. Geschichte einer deutschen Familie.   Von Eberhard Straub   Peter Sühring
  • Beethoven und der Musikverlag Breitkopf & Härtel.   Hrsg. von Nicole Kämpken u. Michael Ladenburger.   Jürgen May
  • Variationen mit Orchester: 125 Jahre Berliner Philharmoniker.   Hrsg. von der Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker   Claudel Niebel
  • Oper in Köln. Von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart.   Hrsg. von Christoph Schwandt.   Andreas Vollberg
  • Der deutsche Musikfilm. Archäologie eines Genres 1914?1945.   Von Michael Wedel.   Michael Stapper
  • Ausgespielt. Aufstieg und Fall der Klassikindustrie.   Norman Lebrecht.   Martin Elste


Volume 55/3, July - September 2008

Special Collections and Private Music Libraries

  • Introduction to Special Collections and Private Music Libraries  Maureen Buja
  • Handel and the Foundling Hospital: The Gerald Coke Handel Collection at the Foundling Museum  Katharine Hogg
  • The Morrill Music Library at the Biblioteca Berenson, Villa I Tatti, Florence: Its History and Holdings  Kathryn Bosi
  • The Edward Heron-Allen Collection in the Royal College of Music Library Pamela Thompson
  • Orchestral Performance Practice Revealed in a Conservatoire’s Historic Collections   Angela Escott
  • Saving Local Music from Oblivion: The Hong Kong Music Collection at the Hong Kong Central Library  Jim H Y Chang
  • The Music Archive and Library at the Real Colegio-Seminario de Corpus Christi (Valencia)  Greta Olson and Rosa Isusi Fagoaga
  • Bowerbird to L’Oiseau-Lyre: The Hanson-Dyer Collection at the Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Library, The University of Melbourne  Richard Excell
  • The G. Robert Vincent Voice Library  Mary Black Junttonen
  • The Serge Prokofiev Archive in London—A Complex Story  Noëlle Mann
  • The Serge Prokofiev Archive Today and Beyond  Fiona McKnight

Corresponding Editors’ News

  • Last, But Not Least! Opening of the New Norwegian Opera House  Berit Holth
  • Unique Estonian Sound Recordings from 1939 Found in Denmark  Ilvi Rauna


  • Music in North America and the West Indies from the Discovery to 1850: A Historical Survey. By Daniel Mendoza de Arce. Ron WieckiJohannes
  • Brahms: Vom Ratgeber zum Kompositionslehrer. By Johannes Behr. Chris Walton
  • Johann Georg von Werdenstein (1542–1608): A Major Collector of Early Music Prints. By Richard Charteris.  Katrina Mitchell
  • Diccionario bibliográfico de la música argentina y de la música en la Argentina. Compiled by Leandro Donozo.  Malena Kuss
  • Directory of Conductors’ Archives in American Institutions. By Henry Bloch. Melissa Ursula Dawn Goldsmith
  • The Chevalier de Saint-Georges: Virtuoso of the Sword and the Bow. By Gabriel Banat. Allan Badley
  • George Augustus Polgreen Bridgetower, Violin Virtuoso and Composer of Color in late 18th Century Europe. By Clifford D. Panton.  Allan Badley
  • A Living Legacy: Historic Stringed Instruments at The Juilliard School. By Lisa B. Robinson.  Barry J. Zaslow
  • A Manual for the Performance Library. By Russ Girsberger. Melissa Ursula Daw


Volume 55/4, October - December 2008

IAML Reports Professional Branches

  • Archives and Music Documentation Centres Branch  John Shepard
  • Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries Branch  Angela Escott
  • Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions  Pia Shekhter
  • Public Libraries Branch  Hanneke Kuiper
  • Research Libraries Branch  Almut Boehme

Subject Commissions

  • Bibliography Commission  David Day
  • Commission on Audio-Visual Materials  Elizabeth Giuliani
  • Commission on Service and Training  Mary Wallace Davidson
  • Cataloguing Commission  Antony Gordon
  • Cataloguing: Sub-commission on UNIMARC Isabelle Gauchet Doris / Tiziana Morsanuto

Working Groups

  • Archives Branch: Working Group on Access to Music Archives  Jon Bagüés / Inger Enquist
  • Hofmeister XIX Chris Banks
  • Working Group on Access to Performance Ephemera Rupert Ridgewell
  • Working Group on Exchange of Authority Data Antony Gordon
  • Working Group on Music and ISBD  David Sommerfield
  • Constitution Committee  Richard Chesser
  • Copyright Committee Federica Riva / Richard Chesser
  • Information Technology Committee  Antony Gordon
  • Outreach Jon Bagüés
  • Programme Committee  James Cassaro


  • RISM  Christoph Wolff
  • RILM Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie
  • RIdIM  Antonio Bladassare
  • RIPM H. Robert Cohen


  • IAML-Listserv (IAML-L)  Bonna J. Boettcher
  • International Standard Music Number (ISMN)  Hartmut Walravens

National Reports

Corresponding Editors’ News

  • A New Grieg Thematic and Bibliographic Work Catalogue Berit Holth
  • Report from 16th International ISMN Panel Meeting  Berit Holth


  • Agnieszka Mietelska-Ciepierska Sylwia Heinrich


  • Analyses of Nineteenth- and Twentieth Century Music, 1940–2000. By D. J. Hoek, incorporating Analyses of Nineteenth- and Twentieth Century Music: 1940–1985 by Arthur Wenk. John Schuster-Craig
  • Church Music in America. By John Ogasapian. N. Lee Orr
  • A Cellist’s Companion: A Comprehensive Catalogue of Cello Literature. By Henk Lambooij and Michael Feves. Mac Nelson
  • Encyclopedia of the Blues. Edited by Edward Komara. Ralph Hartsock
  • French Music since Berlioz. Edited by Richard Langham Smith and Caroline Potter. Keith E. Clifton
  • Music in Eighteenth-Century Life: Cities, Courts, Churches. Edited by Mara E. Parker. Robert Torre
  • De musica disserenda and Muzikološki Zbornik     Gerald Seaman

Recent Publications in Music  Geraldine Ostrove


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