Music brings people together, and IAML membership supports our aim to make music internationally accessible through acquisition and lending, preservation and digitization, cataloguing and bibliography, and documentation and research. Moreover, most music librarians and archivists serve as educators, opening up the vast world of information and repertoire during their daily interactions with students, faculty members, researchers, musicians, and the general public. We work internationally on multiple fronts to promote and protect musical heritage among diverse cultures, because the importance of music in the lives of the world's peoples is something we truly cherish.

IAML2023: Outreach Fund

The IAML Outreach Committee has funds available for congress travel. Applications to the fund may be made by music librarians, archivists and individuals working with music collections whose papers/posters have been accepted for the congress, but whose institutions cannot fund them or who have sought funding elsewhere without success. Priority is normally given to applicants from economically disadvantaged countries. The deadline for applications is 1 April 2023.

Vale Prue Neidorf

It is with sadness that we share news of the recent death of Prue Neidorf, long-time IAML member and founding Music Librarian at the National Library of Australia (NLA). Prue died surrounded by her family in Canberra on 18 January 2023.

Celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Austrian IAML branch

IAML Austria celebrates 20 yearsOn 2 December 2002, the Austrian national branch of IAML was founded at the Music Collection of the Austrian National Library. The initiator was the then newly appointed director of the Music Collection, Dr. Thomas Leibnitz. The members of IAML Austria met on 14 December 2022 again in the venue of the Music Collection of the National Library to celebrate its 20th anniversary. It was a small, very intimate celebration, during which Thomas Leibnitz gave a review of the history and activities of IAML Austria.


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