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Norman P.  2012.  Mick Jagger . :xvi,622p.,[16]p.ofplates:.
Narushima T.  2019.  Microtonality and the tuning systems of Erv Wilson . :1volume;.
Norbert V.  2022.  Mindenki! : koncertek, történetek a beat és a rock aranykorából . :265.
Nakamura S.  2017.  Miyazawa kenji no uchū onkan : ongaku to hoshi to hokekyō nakamura setsuya hyōronshū /. :143pages;.
Norton-Hale R., Mozart WAmadeus, Da Ponte L.  2011.  Mozart's Don Giovanni . :80p.;.
Paksa K, Németh I, Lendvay D, Pokoly J.  2018.  Muravidéki magyar népzene népzenetörténeti áttekintés = Prekmurska madžarska ljudska glasba = Hungarian folk music of the Mura Region. :340.
Nielson L.  2021.  Music and musicians in the medieval Islamicate world : a social history /. :284pages;.
Acker A, Nyland B, Deans J, Payman K, Klarin S.  2021.  Music composition in contexts of early childhood : creation, communication and multi-modal experiences through music /. :xv,120pages:.
[Gast].  2018.  Music doesn't just happen : a Recorded Music NZ position paper on the review of the Copyright Act.. :26.
Nicholls S, Scott P., Hickman S., Hanke M., Daley M., Roberts S., Chadwick S..  2012.  Music express : learning and development opportunities, activities, songs, stories, pictures, recordings.. :88p.:.
Kurth E, Tan D, Neidhöfer C.  2022.  Music psychology . :1onlineresource..
Michelsen M, Krogh M, Nielsen SKaargaard, Have I.  2019.  Music radio : building communities, mediating genres /. :x,329pages:.
Michelsen M, Krogh M, Nielsen SKaargaard, Have I.  2020.  Music radio : building communities, mediating genres /. :1volume:.
Nowak R, Bennett A.  2022.  Music sociology : value, technology, and identity /. :1onlineresource(vii,185pages).
Dunn H, Mottram H, Coombes E, Maclean E, Nugent J.  2019.  Music therapy and autism across the lifespan : a spectrum of approaches /. :1volume;.
Nattiez J-J, Boulez P, Huguet JCampbell.  2021.  Musical analyses and musical exegesis : the shepherd's melody in Richard Wagner's Tristan and Isolde /. 180:xvii,452pages:.
Reece DR.  2023.  Musical crossroads : stories behind the objects of African American music /. :224pages:.
Nieto AMiranda.  2019.  Musical mobilities : son jarocho and the circulation of tradition across Mexico and the United States /. :1volume:.
Barchester Nordoff Robbins Initiative., Barchester (Firm), Nordoff Robbins (Charity).  2012.  Musicality. . :[18]p.:.
Nightingale C.  2013.  Musicians' handbook : the essential guide for professional and aspiring musicians /. :116pages:.
Niranjana T.  2020.  Musicophilia in Mumbai : performing subjects and the metropolitan unconscious /. :xii,238pages:.
Nielsen SKaargaard.  2020.  Musik. 79 :60sider.
Neumayr E., Laubhold LE, Hintermaier E..  2018.  Musik am Dom zu Salzburg. Repertoire und liturgisch gebundene Praxis zwischen hochbarocker Repräsentation und Mozart-Kult. . 18:432pages.
Holtsträter K, Krohn T, Noeske N, Strank W.  2019.  Musik in der Science-Fiction = Music in science fiction. 64. Jahrgang (2019):364Seiten.
Nilsson A-M..  2017.  Musik till vatten och punsch kring svenska blaasoktetter vid brunnar, bad och beväringsmöten /. :605pages:.