Fontes contents 2023 (vol. 70)

Vol. 70/1, January-March 2023


  • Surveying Composers Part II: Perspectives on Composer and Library Engagement for the Future  Sandi-Jo Malmon and Elizabeth Berndt-Morris
  • Sacred Chameleons: Form, Function, and Dissemination Patterns in the Motets of Leopold Hofmann  Allan Badley
  • The Grand Piano of Ignacy Jan Paderewski in Cartoons  Magdalena Dziadek, Michał Jaczyński and Justyna Kica

Briefs / Feuilletons

Corresponding Editors

Great Britain

  • Out of the Shadows: The Remarkable Story of Warwick Braithwaite (1896–1971), New Zealand’s Finest Conductor  Roger Flury


  • Vocal Virtuosity: The Origins of the Coloratura Soprano in Nineteenth-Century Opera. By Sean M. Parr  Andrea Cawelti
  • Interviews with American Composers: Barney Childs in Conversation. Edited by Virginia Anderson  Ken Smith
  • In silenzio senza disturbare nessuno. Claudio Sartori, Brescia 1913–Milano 1994. By Mariella Sala, Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi, and Pinuccia Carrer  Paola Teresa Rossetti


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