Music radio : building communities, mediating genres /

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New York, NY : Bloomsbury Academic,, United States, p.x, 329 pages : (2019)

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(OCoLC)fst01030444, (OCoLC)fst01087186, fast, Music, Radio and music., Social aspects.


Includes bibliographical references and index.Why is music so important to radio? This anthology explores the ways in which musical life and radio interact, overlap and have influenced each other for nearly a century. One of music radio's major functions is to help build smaller or larger communities by continuously offering broadcast music as a means to create identity and senses of belonging. Music radio also helps identify and develop musical genres in collaboration with listeners and the music industry by mediating and by gatekeeping. Focusing on music from around the world, Music Radio discusses what music radio is and why or for what purposes it is produced. Each essay illuminates the intricate cultural processes associated with music and radio and suggests ways of working with such complexities.Migrant radio, community, and (new) fado: the case of radio ALFA / Pedro Moreira -- On sonic assemblage: indigenous radio and the management of heteroglossia / Daniel Fisher -- Voicing otherness on air: theorizing radio through the figure of voice / Kristine Ringsager and Sandra Lori Petersen -- Broadcasting the new nation: radio and the invention of national genres in Lain America / Marcio Pinho and Julio Mendívil -- The edufication and musicalization of radio: CKUA, "good music", and "uplifting taste" / Brian Fauteux -- Mediated soundscapes: representations of the national in the soundscape call-in programme Äänien ilta / Meri Kytö -- Dispositives of sound: folk music collections, radio, and the national imagination, 1890s-1960s / Johannes Müske -- Mediatization-Radiofication-Musicalization / Alf Björnberg -- Formats, genres, and abstraction: on musico-generic assemblages in the context of format radio production / Mads Krogh -- Music radio's mediations of the music-cultural high/low divide before the 1980s / Morten Michelsen -- Format, the literature of American popular music, and Mr Crump / Eric Weisbard -- MTV and the remediation of FM radio / Ariane Holzbach -- Music radio as a format remediated for stream-based music use / Andreas Lenander Ægidius.