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H. Tesler-Mabé, Mahler's forgotten conductor : Heinz Unger and his search for Jewish meaning, 1895-1965 /. Canada: Toronto ;, 2020, S. pages cm.
S. McGuire, Modern MIDI : sequencing and performing using traditional and mobile tools /, Second edition. United States: New York, NY :, 2020, S. vii, 434 pages :.
A. Baird, Garrido, S., und Tamplin, J., Music and dementia : from cognition to therapy /, First edition. United Kingdom: Oxford ;, 2020, S. xi, 306 pages :.
W. Gibbons und Reale, S., Music in the role-playing game : heroes & harmonies /. United States: New York ;, 2020, S. x, 224 pages :.
B. Wiseman, Music lessons . Canada: Toronto, Ontario, Canada :, 2020, S. pages cm.
R. Parfitt, Musical culture and the spirit of Irish nationalism, 1848-1972 . United States: New York :, 2020, S. xiii, 285 pages ;.
G. M. Mills, Making music for life : rediscover your musical passion /. United States: Mineola, New York :, 2019, S. xi, 212 pages ;.
J. Vogel, Man in the music : the creative life and work of Michael Jackson /, Second Edition. First Vintage Books edition. United States: New York :, 2019, S. 1 online resource.
L. Armstrong, The manager’s tale : New Irish Chamber Orchestra 1970-1980 . Dromore, Bantry, Co. Cork, Ireland: Somerville Press Ltd, 2019, S. 392 pages.
J. - J. Pastor-Comín, Más vale trocar… Cinco viajes musicales por la literatura de la España moderna (1496-1645). Spain: Pontevedra: Academia del Hispanismo, 2019, S. 350.
W. Paul Brown, Master classes with Menahem Pressler . United States: Bloomington, Indiana :, 2019, S. 1 online resource.
E. Krpan, Međunarodni kulturni centar Grožnjan : pet desetljeća, 1969.-2019. Croatia: Zagreb : Jeunesses Musicales Hrvatska, 2019, S. 56.
P. Sorozábal-Mariezkurrena, Mi vida y mi obra. Spain: Madrid: Alianza, 2019, S. 408.
S. Castill und Martínez, A., Miguel Fleta. El hombre y el mito. Spain: Zaragoza: Gobierno de Aragón, 2019, S. 286.
M. Perica Krapljanov und Premerl, N., Milka Trnina : ostavština Milke Trnine u Muzeju grada Zagreba. Zagreb : Muzej grada, Croatia, 2019.
E. Encabo-Fernández, Miradas sobre el cuplé en España: Identidades, contextos, artistas y repertorio. Spain: Madrid: Instituto Complutense de Ciencias Musicales (ICCMU), 2019, S. 274.
J. Johnson, Mormons, musical theater, and belonging in America . United States: Urbana :, 2019, S. 1 online resource (x, 199 pages).
S. Soler-Campo, Mujeres músicas. Dificultades, avances y metas a alcanzar en el siglo XXI. Spain: Castellón: Universitat Jaume I, 2019, S. 168.
J. Samper-García, Mundo y formas del flamenco. La memoria que nos une. Spain: Alicante: Universidad de Alicante, 2019, S. 272.
V. Lindsay Levine und Robinson, D., Music and modernity among first peoples of North America . United States: Middletown, Connecticut :, 2019, S. xviii, 330 pages :.
A. Anja Kallio, Alperson, P., und Westerlund, H., Music, education, and religion : intersections and entanglements /. United States: Bloomington, Indiana :, 2019, S. viii, 288 pages ;.
J. Hess, Music education for social change : constructing an activist music education /. United States: New York, NY :, 2019, S. 211 pages ;.
B. H. Van Boer, Music in the classical world : genre, culture, and history /. United States: New York ;, 2019, S. xix, 321 pages :.
B. Kaufman und Scripp, L., Music learning as youth development . United States: New York, NY :, 2019, S. xiii, 205 pages :.
R. Edgar-Hunt, Mann, F., und Pleasance, H., Music, memory and memoir . United States: New York, NY :, 2019, S. xiv, 244 pages ;.