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The German IAML Branch (AIBM Ländergruppe Deutschland, since 2018: IAML Deutschland) was established in 1952. It has around 215 members, of which about 1/3 are individual members. The majority (2/3) of the membership is institutional members.

IAML Deutschland arranges further training for its members, usually in combination with the annual meetings that take place in September, in different cities around the country. The topics have varied over the years, but there is always a connection to the city in which the meeting is organized. Further subjects have been current projects in music libraries, new offers and services in music libraries, research data management in the field of music, open access, digital music editions, music streaming, information literacy, maker space in libraries, folk music, music and children etc. Recurring themes deal with cataloguing music and AV media and copyright issues. Study visits to different music institutions are also organized on a regular basis.

IAML Deutschland has four working groups (Public Libraries, Research Libraries, Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions, and Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries) and two commissions (Audio-Visual Commission and Commission for Professional Training).

The membership journal, Forum Musikbibliothek, is published three times per year, in hard copy and electronically (also on IAML Germany's website). Other communication channels are the website and email messages through the IAML Germany mailing list.

There has also been a fruitful collaboration between the IAML Branches of German-speaking countries (D-A-CH) over the years.

Members of the German IAML Branch contribute to RILM and RISM.

IAML has had one President from Germany: Harald Heckmann (1974-1978). He also held the position of Secretary General for 15 years (1959-1974). Longtime treasurers from Germany have been Wolfgang Rehm (1959-1974) and Thomas Kalk (2013-2022). In addition, several members of the German IAML Branch have served as vice presidents and quite a large number as officers in various IAML Sections.

Five members of the German IAML Branch have been awarded Honorary Membership of the international association: 1952 Friedrich Blume, 1965 Karl Vötterle, 1986 Wolfgang and Helga Rehm, and 1992 Kurt Dorfmüller. Harald Heckmann was named Honorary President in 1977.

IAML Deutschland has hosted the international conference four times: Kassel in 1957, Mainz in 1977, Frankfurt/Main in 1992 and Leipzig in 2018.

Board members:

President: Ann Kersting-Meuleman (Universitätsbibliothek JCS Frankfurt am Main)
Vice President: Cortina Wuthe (Berlin)
Secretary: Paul Tillmann Haas (Bibliotheks- und Informationssystem der Universität Oldenburg)
Treasurer: Anja Göhler (Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden)
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