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Swedish Musical Heritage

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"There exists a significant amount of excellent historical Swedish music that is little known and seldom heard. The aim of Swedish Musical Heritage is to increase knowledge about this music and to propagate its performance. A large part of older Swedish music is notoriously difficult to perform, simply because the existing sources are unattainable for musicians, are in illegible hand writing, or are, for various other reasons, impractical to use. Surprisingly, this is true also of music by some of Sweden’s most prominent composers.

Congress Diary / Kongresstagebuch / Journal de bord du Congrès #10: dansk/Danish

Rapport fra musikbibliotekskonference i Rom 3-8. juli 2016
På de værste regnvejrsdage henover den danske sommer blev den 65. internationale kongres i IAML (International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres) afholdt i Rom fra 3-8. juli. Kongressen arrangeres årligt forskellige steder i verden. I år altså i Rom; næste år i Riga, i 2018 i Leipzig, og i 2019 i Krakow.

Jane Gottlieb on The Juilliard School Library and Archives

Jane Gottlieb, one of IAML's vice presidents and Vice President for Library and Information Services at The Juilliard School, discusses her role as a librarian and the role the library plays at Juilliard in this video posted as part of the “Juilliard Snapshot” video series.


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