The International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres encourages and promotes the activities of music libraries, archives and documentation centres to support and facilitate the realization of projects in music bibliography, music documentation and music library and information science at national and international levels.

MLA Pan-American Conference 2017: Conference Diary #3

Ray Heigemeir shares his reflections of the MLA conference in Orlando, Florida. MLA 2017 in Orlando was my first MLA! I first heard about MLA many years ago from Scott Landvatter at the University of Chicago, where I was a graduate student employee in the Recordings Collection.

IMS—IAML—ICTM Joint Conference: Music As Cultural Heritage (Abu Dhabi)

IAML, the International Musicological Society (IMS), and the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) are co-sponsoring a confrence with New York University at Abu Dhabi from March 13 to 15, 2017. The title of the conference is Music As Cultural Heritage: Problems of Historiography, Ethnography, Ethics and Preservation.

MLA Pan-American Conference 2017: Conference Diary #1 (English/Spanish)

Entre el 23 y 26 de tuvo lugar el congreso anual del Music Library Association (MLA) en la ciudad de Orlando, Florida. Fue un gran éxito. En particular, por la inclusión y generosidad de invitarnos a los colegas de Latinoamérica y del Canadá. Esta fue el primero congreso Pan Americano que se ha organizado.


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