IAML Online Meetings

IAML Online event: Cataloguing, Metadata, and Discovery of Digital Music Materials

You are invited to the IAML Online event on 25 March and 29 March. Five IAML colleagues will present their work on describing music materials in unusual formats and environments: streaming videos, dSpace, and Wikimedia.

IAML Online Meeting 25 March 2022: Call for Papers

On behalf of the IAML Sections Broadcasting and Orchestra LibrariesCataloguing and Metadata, and Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions, it is a pleasure for us to call for your contributions to the next IAML Online Meeting. The meeting will take place on Zoom, 25 March 2022.

IAML Online Meeting: Swedish musical life during the last four hundred years

IAML Sweden logoPlease join us for the next IAML Online Meeting: Swedish musical life during the last four hundred years: acknowledging the anniversaries of Uppsala University Library, The Royal Swedish Academy of Music and the Music and Theatre Library of Sweden

6 December 2022, online

Music Libraries from a User Perspective

Join us for the third of IAML’s online meetings on 18 May 2021, when we turn our attention to the views and needs of music library users. With physical access to libraries in many parts of the world restricted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the availability of online services has never been more important. To what extent are users familiar with using online systems, and how can libraries improve awareness of the services they offer? How do users view the implications of technological developments such as the adoption of digital sheet music, and the future of printed materials?

Musical Heritage in an Online Environment -IAML Online Meeting 8 March 2021

Musical Heritage in an Online Environment

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, with its wide-ranging impact on everyday lives and livelihoods, has inevitably focused attention on the challenges and opportunities of online communication and dissemination. The IAML Board has therefore started a series of online meetings on the theme "... in an Online Environment".


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