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Hochmiller S.  2019.  So you want to sing chamber music : a guide for performers /. :xix,224pages:.
Flynn A.  2022.  So you want to sing musical theatre : a guide for performers /. :xxvii,418pages:.
Brendel A., Milán JLuis.  2016.  Sobre la música : Ensayos completos y conferencias con numerosos ejemplos musicales e ilustraciones /. 338:535p.:il.;21cm..
Sneeringer J.  2019.  A social history of early rock 'n' roll in Germany : Hamburg from burlesque to the Beatles, 1956-69 /. :1volume:.
Shaw L.  2019.  The social history of the Brazilian samba . :1volume;.
Maalsen S.  2019.  The social life of sound . :xi,267pages:.
Sprigge M.  2021.  Socialist laments : musical mourning in the German Democratic Republic /. :1onlineresource..
Vlhová P..  2022.  Sociolekt interpretů klasické hudby . :119stran:.
Noya-Miranda F-J.  2017.  Sociología de la música: fundamentos teóricos, resultados empíricos y perspectivas críticas.. Biblioteca Universitaria. :639p..
Frierson-Campbell C, Hall C, Powell SRobert, Rosabal-Coto G.  2022.  Sociological thinking in music education : international intersections /. :1onlineresource(xx,259pages):.
Froehlich HC, Smith GDylan.  2017.  Sociology for music teachers : practical applications /. :xiii,193pages:.
Battentier A.  2021.  A sociology of sound technicians making the show go on /. :1onlineresource(xxxi,140pages:illustrations)..
Love JK.  2019.  Soda goes pop : Pepsi-Cola advertising and popular music /. :x,319pages:.
Sonnleitner K..  2022.  "Soli Deo Gloria" : Zum Schaffen Augustinus Franz Kropfreiters /. :1onlineresource(598p.).
R. Denisoff S.  2019.  Solid gold : popular record industry /. :1volume;.
Womack K.  2019.  Solid state : the story of Abbey Road and the end of the Beatles /. :1onlineresource.
Wild A.  2019.  The solo Beatles, 1969-1980 : every album, every song /. :1volume:.
Rice PF.  2020.  The solo English cantatas and Italian odes of Thomas A. Arne . :1volume;.
Rice PF.  2020.  Solo English cantatas and Italian odes of Thomas A. Arne . :1onlineresource(xii,247pages.)..
Lindblad K.  2021.  Som plåster på själen : om äldre män och musik som välbefinnanderesurs.
Glitsos L.  2019.  Somatechnics and popular music in digital contexts . :1volume;.
Glitsos L.  2019.  Somatechnics and popular music in digital contexts . :1onlineresource..
Patell CRK.  2011.  Some girls . :xii,178p.:.
Lang J.  2020.  Some memories never die . :viii,293pages,16unnumberedpages:.
Powers KCongo, Campion C.  2022.  Some new kind of kick : a memoir /. :xiii,258pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.