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Ramsey GP, Kernodle TL, Redmond SL.  2022.  Who hears here? : on Black music, pasts and present / 1:xvii,287pages;.
Popoff M.  2019.  Who Invented Heavy Metal? :256pages:.
Jones L-A.  2020.  Who killed John Lennon? : the lives, loves and deaths of the greatest rock star / :1volume;.
Decker TR.  2015.  Who should sing Ol' man river? : the lives of an American song / :241pages:.
Ehrlich D, Frieden K.  2013.  Who will die last : stories of life in Israel /. :ix,154pages;.
Leaver RA.  2017.  The whole church sings : congregational singing in Luther's Wittenberg /. :xiv,206pages:.
Lewsey J.  2019.  Who's who in Verdi . :1onlineresource..
Lewsey J.  2020.  Who's who in Verdi . :1volume;.
Bishop PJ, Watson JE.  2023.  Whose country music? : genre, identity, and belonging in twenty-first-century country music culture / :xiii,308pages:.
Llano S..  2013.  Whose Spain? : negotiating "Spanish music" in Paris, 1908-1929 / :xxii,270p.;.
Bádue A.  2022.  "Why aren't they talking?" : the sung-through musical from the 1980s to the 2010s / :66pages;.
Sharkey E.  2022.  Why Britain rocked : how rock became roll and took over the world /. :349pages;.
Hughes CL.  2021.  Why Bushwick Bill matters . 008:xiii,192pages;.
Scannell P.  2019.  Why do people sing? : on voice / :ix,141pages:.
Scannell P.  2019.  Why do people sing? : on voice / :1onlineresource.
Bertei A.  2021.  Why LaBelle matters . 006:xviii,188pages;.
Goodman F.  2019.  Why Lhasa De Sela matters . :xvi,181pages;.
Pearson T.  2021.  Why Marianne Faithfull matters . 007:179pages;.
Hesmondhalgh D.  2013.  Why music matters . :vi,198pages:.
Rose C.  2022.  Why Patti Smith matters . 009:228pages;.
Aubinet S.  2023.  Why Sámi sing : knowing through melodies in Northern Norway /. :1onlineresource(xiii,168pages):.
Phillips S.  2021.  Why Solange matters . 005:xiv,230pages;.
Berglund CJohan, Crostini B, Kelhoffer JA, Ekenberg A.  2023.  Why we sing : music, word, and liturgy in early Christianity : essays in honour of Anders Ekenberg's 75th birthday /. volume 177:xiii,612pages:.
Gasser N.  2019.  Why you like it : the science and culture of musical taste /. :xi,706pages:.
Jones D.  2020.  The Wichita lineman : searching in the sun for the world's greatest unfinished song /. :1volume;.