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Bónis F.  2015.  Rákóczi-induló, Kossuth-szimfónia, Székely-fonó : húsz írás a magyar zenéről.
Simeone N..  2022.  Ralph Vaughan Williams and Adrian Boult. . :1onlineresource..
Wicke P.  2021.  Rammstein - en musikalsk damphammer . :128sider:.
Etxebeste-Espina E.  2020.  Ramón Lazkano. Kaierak Bilduma-Basque Composers of the 21st century. :148p..
Lindström S, Lagerström J, Löneg\aard P, Magnusson K.  2023.  Ramones i Sverige : världens första punkband skruvar upp tempot i folkhemmet ....
Viktória O, Anna D.  2022.  Ránki György válogatott írásai . Zeneszerzők szóban és írásban. dokumentumok a 20. századi magyar zene történetéhez. 1:469.
Orejuela F.  2022.  Rap and hip hop culture . :xxiii,264pages:.
Coscarelli J.  2022.  Rap Capital : an Atlanta story /. :xxvi,415pages:.
Lipenga K..  2023.  Rap music and the youth in Malawi reppin' the flames /. :1onlineresource.
Turković H.  2020.  Rasprava o popratnoj filmskoj glazbi. Filmološka biblioteka. :163.
Hong BBlanchard.  2022.  Rautavaara's journey in music . :ix,281pages:.
Centino NFrancisco.  2021.  Razabilly : transforming sights, sounds, and history in the Los Angeles Latina/o Rockabilly scene /. :1onlineresource(xv,200pages):.
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland..  2012.  RCS : Royal Conservatoire of Scotland = Conservatoire Rìoghail na h-Alba.. :1v.(unpaged):.
Tolokonnikova N.  2020.  Read and riot : a Pussy Riot guide to activism /. :1volume;.
Neate W..  2013.  Read & burn : a book about Wire /. :429p.:.
Fosbraey G..  2022.  Reading Eminem a critical, lyrical analysis /. :1onlineresource.
Rosand E.  2013.  Readying Cavalli's operas for the stage : manuscript, edition, production /. :xxviii,412pages:.
Hatschek K, Bavan Y.  2022.  The real ambassadors : Dave and Iola Brubeck and Louis Armstrong challenge segregation /. :xv,279pages:.
Perrin R.  2020.  Real ear training : understand and notate music you hear /. :Score.
Grohmann J.  2023.  The real Mozart : the original king of pop /. :xiii,224pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Davies CA.  2020.  Really beautiful company : traditional singers and musicians of Gloucestershire /. :1onlineresource..
Dallin S, Woodward K.  2020.  Really saying something . :1volume;.
Holroyd A.  2017.  Reassuring 18th century Protestants : the librettist's intended message for Handel's 'Messiah' : explored within the context of early 18th century belief /. :viii,522pages;.
Fischlin D, Heble A.  2019.  Rebel musics. human rights, resistant sounds, and the politics of music making /.
Fischlin D., Heble A., Heble Eby. Edited.  2020.  Rebel Musics, Volume 2 Human Rights, Resistant Sounds, and the Politics of Music Making.. :1onlineresource(290p.).