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Decker TR.  2015.  Who should sing Ol' man river? : the lives of an American song / :241pages:.
Jones L-A.  2020.  Who killed John Lennon? : the lives, loves and deaths of the greatest rock star / :1volume;.
Popoff M.  2019.  Who Invented Heavy Metal? :256pages:.
Ramsey GP, Kernodle TL, Redmond SL.  2022.  Who hears here? : on Black music, pasts and present / 1:xvii,287pages;.
Justice D.  2022.  (White)washing our sins away : American mainline churches, music, power, and diversity /. :ix,256pages:.
Cummins K.  2020.  While we were getting high : Britpop & the '90s in photographs with unseen images /. :1volume:.
Military Wives (Musical group),.  2012.  Wherever you are : the Military Wives : our true stories of heartbreak, hope and love.. :xiii,322pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Rowell D.  2019.  Wherever the sound takes you : heroics and heartbreak in music making /. :vii,235pages;.
Jorgensen I.  2018.  Where's my room : the Neil & Liam Finn summer 2018 tour of Aotearoa. :306pages.
Marsden B.  2020.  Where's my guitar? : an inside story of British rock and roll / :1volume:.
One Direction (Musical group),.  2013.  Where we are : our band, our Story, 100% official /. :279pages:.
Zazulia E.  2021.  Where sight meets sound : the poetics of late-medieval music writing /. :1onlineresource(xxix,308pages):.
Vulliamy E, Hughes S.  2019.  When words fail : a life with music, war and peace /. :1volume:.
Foulk R, Foulk C.  2016.  When the world came to the Isle of Wight : 1970.. :xix,363pages:.
Blush S.  2023.  When rock met disco : the story of how the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Kiss, Queen, Blondie, and more got their groove on in the me decade /. :xviii,280pages:.
Stratton J.  2019.  When music migrates : crossing British and European racial faultlines, 1945-2010 /. :1volume;.
Wierzbicki JEugene.  2022.  When music mattered : American music in the Sixties /. :1onlineresource.
Raussert W.  2021.  'What's going on' : how music shapes the social /. volume 26:209pages:.
J. Stohn S, Ward C.  2018.  Whatever it takes : life lessons from Degrassi and elsewhere in the world of music and television /. :327pages:.
Simkin S.  2020.  What makes the monkey dance : the life and music of Chuck Prophet and Green On Red /. :1volume;.
Everett W, Riley T.  2019.  What goes on : the Beatles, their music, and their time /. :xxi,296pages:.
Fisher M.  2019.  What do you call that noise? : an XTC discovery book / :223pages:.
Flynn P.  2012.  What counts as music education?: proceedings of the Voicing Conference 2011, St. Patrick's College Drumcondra, June 2nd 2011 :30pages.
Majid R.  2013.  What are we keeping out? 5:101pages;.
Trikoupis A.  2015.  Western Music in Hellenic Communities Musicians and Institutions. :442Seiten.