Fontes contents 1995 (vol. 42)

Volume 42/1, January - March 1995

Music Libraries in Denmark

  • Public Music Libraries in Denmark Ingeborg Rørbye
  • A Musical Tour through Copenhagen Marianne Horn
  • Danish Musicology of the 1980s and Early 1990s Niels Krabbe
  • Women in Music: Seen from a Danish Perspective Pia Rasmussen
  • Illustration Charlotte Schrøder
  • An "Ecstatic Outsider": Rued Langaard, 1893-1952 Bendt Viinholt Nielsen
  • Listen to Denmark Bodil Høgh
  • Two Travelling Exhibitions: Carl Nielsen and Danish Music after Carl Nielsen
  • At the Boundary between Music and Science: From Per Nørgård to Carl Nielsen Jørgen I. Jensen
  • Children and Music: Voluntary Music Education in Denmark Otto Laust Hansen
  • The Importance and Position of Conservatories in Musical Life Peter Westh
  • The Danish Music Information Center Flemming Madsen
  • The Danish Library Center and Music Povl Stenfelt Thomsen
  • Hans Christian Andersen's Travel Album Kirsten Maegaard
  • Two Great Danish Editions in Progress: Niels W. Gade and Carl Nielsen Anne Ørbæk Jensen
  • The Danish Radio Record Collection: The Diskoteket Kirsten Maegaard



  • Harvard Composers: Walter Piston and his Students. By Howard Pollack. Mark DeVoto
  • William Walton: A Source Book. By Stewart R. Craggs. Martin Jenkins



Volume 42/2, April - June 1995

  • IAML President's Report Don Roberts
  • 1994 IAML Council Minutes Veslemöy Heintz
  • IAML Treasurer's Report Pamela Thompson
  • Das Repertoire International des Sources Musicale (RISM) in Geschichte und Gegenwart Harald Heckmann
  • The IAML Outreach Initiative Hugh Cobbe
  • A IAML Portfolio Cécile Grand
  • ISMN: The International Standard Music Number Harmuth Walravens

Reports - Professional Branches

  • Archives and Documentation Centres (Enquist)
  • Broadcast and Orchestra Libraries (Faulkner)
  • Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions (Lancelin)
  • Public Libraries (Poroila)
  • Research Libraries (Hoedemaecker)

Subject Commissions

  • Bibliography (J. Roberts)
  • Audiovisual Materials (Sommerfield)
  • Audiovisual Materials/Cataloguing (Sommerfield)
  • Cataloguing (Cassaro)
  • Service and Training (Krueger)

Working Groups and Other Reports

  • Music Periodicals (Fellinger)
  • Uniform Titles for Manuscript Collections (Geering)
  • Revision of RISM Series C (Davis)
  • RIPM (Cohen)
  • Publications Committee (Coral)

National Branches


  • Johann Michael Haydn: A Cronological Thematic Catalogue. By Charles H. Sherman and T. Donley Thomas; Giovanni Paisiello: A Thematic Catalogue. By Michael F. Robinson; John Ireland: A Catalogue, Discography, and Bibliography. By Stewart R. Craggs. Heikki Poroila
  • Music Reference and Research Materials: An annotated Bibliography. Fourth Edition, revised. By Vincent Duckles and Michael A. Keller. Karl Kroeger
  • Il fondo musicale dell'Arciconfraternita di S. Girolamo della Carità. By Eleonora Simi Bonini. Marcoemilio Camera
  • Georg Philipp Telemann: Autographe und Abschriften. Ed. by Joachim Jaenecke. Diane Steinhaus Pettit
  • Compendium of Modern Instrumental Techniques. By Garden Read. Evan Feldman
  • American Choral Music Since 1920: An Annotated Guide. By David DeVenney. Tinsley Silcox



Volume 42/3, July - September 1995

  • Fux or Badia? The Attribution of Sancta Geltrude and Ismaele Rudolf Schnitzler
  • Le Fonds de musique ancienne de l'Abbaye de Maredsous Marie Cornaz
  • MLA-L: A New Mode of Communication Leslie Troutman



  • Bibliografia delle opere dei musicisti bresciani pubblicate a stampa dal 1497 al 1740. By Oscar Mischiati. Marcoemilio Camera
  • Antonio Vivaldi: A Guide to Research. By Michael Talbot. David Lasocki
  • The Literature of Music Bibliography: An Account on the Writings on the History of Music Printing & Publishing. By D. W. Krummel. Karl Kroeger



Volume 42/4, October - December 1995

  • Köchel 2000: Suggestions for a New Catalogue of Mozart's Works Paul van Reijen
  • Household Periodicals: An Unstudied Source of American Musical History Bonny H. Miller
  • Suomen Musikkilehti 1923-1946: The Story of a Finnish Periodical Kari Laitinen
  • Recent Publications in Music Geraldine E. Ostrove



  • The New Langwill Index: A Dictionary of Musical Wind-Instruments Makers and Inventors. By William Waterhouse. Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi
  • Musical References in the Gazzetta di Napoli, 1681-1725. By Thomas Griffin. Silvia Di Pietro Liti
  • Dejiny Hubodnej Kultury na Slovensku. Vyd. 2. Klasicizmus. By Darina Mudra. Paul Bryan
  • MusikGeschichte in Daten. By Gerhard Dietel John E. Lindberg
  • Cello Music since 1960: A Bibliography of Solo, Chamber, and Orchestral Works. By Donald Homuth Sarah Dorsey
  • Richard Strauss Werkverzeichnis. By Franz Trenner Scott Warfield
  • Anthologies of Music: An Annotated Index. By Sterling Murray; Music for Piano and Orchestra: An Annotated Guide. By Maurice Hinson; The Schoenberg Discography. By R. Wayne Shoaf; Music Since 1900, 5th ed. By Nicolas Slonimsky. Joy Haslam Calico

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