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Peter Baxter and Antony Gordon Honorary Members of IAML (UK & Irl)

Great news has just come from the UK & Irl Branch of IAML. Two colleagues – Peter Baxter and Antony Gordon (Ag) have been elected Honorary Members of IAML (UK & Irl) in recognition of their “distinctive contribution to music librarianship and notable service to the Branch.”

IAML Riga Congress Diary #7: Journey to Riga

Antony Gordon: Here I am at my 24th conference/congress in Riga. Being retired from the British Library Sound Archive and having finished my two three-year terms on the Board last year at the Rome Congress, I felt entitled to take a rather more relaxed approach. The journey to Riga formed part of the overall experience for us so this is inevitably starts out like a travelogue. If you're not interested in train travel you should skip the next paragraph.

70 Jahre David Bowie

David Robert Jones wäre am 8. Januar 2017 siebzig Jahre alt geworden. Viel bekannter ist die Ikone der Pop-Kultur allerdings unter dem Namen David Bowie, der an Jim Bowie, einen Kämpfer der Texas Revolution, angelehnt ist. Durch seinen Vater trat David Bowie schon als Kind mit Rock’n’Roll in Kontakt. Über Little Richards Song „Tutti Frutti“ sagte er: „Ich habe Gott gehört!“. Doch auch sein Halbbruder Terry, den der schüchterne Junge David immer für seine rebellischen Züge bewunderte, führte ihn an Jazz und US-Beat heran.


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