Peter Baxter and Antony Gordon Honorary Members of IAML (UK & Irl)

Great news has just come from the UK & Irl Branch of IAML. Two colleagues – Peter Baxter and Antony Gordon (Ag) have been elected Honorary Members of IAML (UK & Irl) in recognition of their “distinctive contribution to music librarianship and notable service to the Branch.”

On behalf of the IAML Board I would like to congratulate Peter and Ag for receiving this prestigious recognition. They have both been involved with the UK & Irl Branch for a long time. Peter started in 1989 as Brio Reviews Editor, continued on several committees, and then served as the General Secretary of the Branch (2000-2005), President-Elect, and then President (2013-2016). In 2011 Peter was appointed as a Trustee of the Music Libraries Trust. Ag has been a member of IAML since 1985; in 1997 he became a member of the UK & Irl Branch Executive Committee. As a technical expert he has been particularly active in the fields of web technology, cataloguing and classification, not only at a local, but also at an international level, e.g. as a Chair of the IAML Cataloguing Commission. He was also Chair of the Dublin 2011 Conference Planning Committee. His huge and ongoing contribution to the work of ‘big IAML’ requires particular acknowledgement. As a Vice-President of IAML (2010-2016) Ag served as a co-chair of the Publication Committee, and chair of the Strategy and Conference Committees. He is still active, giving us advice on issues that require technical experience and a practical approach.

IAML’s strength derives from local activities, which expand and make our Association stronger. I would like to thank Peter and Ag for their great involvement to IAML, and I send, once again, my sincere congratulations.

Stanisław Hrabia
President, IAML


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