Fontes contents 2013 (vol. 60)

Vol. 60/1, January – March 2013

  • RIdIM: Cataloguing Music Iconography Since 1971 Alan Green and Sean Ferguson
  • Dance Band Leader Joe Cappo and the Collection of his Memorabilia and Music at Michigan State University C. Matthew Balensuela
  • The Music of Slovenia from the Past to the Present Franc Križnar



  • The Calligraphy of Medieval Music. Edited by John Haines. Alexandra Buckle
  • Schriftstücke von Heinrich Schütz : Unter Verwendung der von Manfred Fechner und Konstanze Kremtz nach den Quellen erarbeiteten Textübertragungen. Herausgegeben von Michael Heinemann, Manfred Fechner; Konstanze Kremtz; Konrad Sziedat. Barbara Wiermann
  • György Ligeti: Of Foreign Lands and Strange Sounds. Edited by Louise Duchesneau and Wolfgang Marx. Balázs Mikusi
  • European Fin-de-siècle and Polish Modernism: the Music of Mieczyslaw Karlowicz. Edited by Luca Sala. Maja Trochimcyk
  • The Oxford Handbook of Neo-Riemannian Music Theories. Edited by Edward Gollin and Alexander Rehding. Michael Siciliano
  • Elliott Carter. By James Wierzbicki. John Schuster- Craig
  • On Jewish Music: Past and Present. By Joachim Braun. Alon Schab
  • Pure Gold: Golden Age Sacred Music in the Iberian World. A Homage to Bruno Turner. Edited by Tess Knighton and Bernadette Nelson. Joseph Sargent
  • Music and Sentiment. By Charles Rosen. Bryan Proksch
  • Notationskunde. 17. und 18. Jahrhundert. Von Karin Paulsmeier. Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl
  • Populäre Musik und kulturelles Gedächtnis: Geschichtsschreibung – Archiv – Internet. Hrsg. von Martin Pfleiderer. Fernand Hörner
  • Guillaume de Machaut: Secretary, Poet, Musician. By Elizabeth Eva Leach. Kate Maxwell
  • Music Traditions, Cultures and Contexts. Edited by Robin Elliott and Gordon E. Smith. Joe C. Clark

Vol. 60/2, April – June 2013

  • Anarchy in the Archive Again: An Account of a South African Punk Rock Music Collection Santie de Jongh
  • A Conversation with Robert Sutherland, the Chief Librarian at the Metropolitan Opera Library Patrick Lo
  • « Ametur cor Jesu » ou le panégyrique des archives musicales des frères du Sacré-Cœur du Canada Louis Brouillette
  • New Prospects for Printed Music with RISM Klaus Keil


Corresponding Editors’ News

  • Estonia: The Sound Recordings Department of the University of Tartu Library Celebrates its 30th Birthday Ilvi Rauna
  • Finland: Music Bazaar – An Open Window on Finnish Music Library Web Services Heikki Poroila
  • The Netherlands: National Music Library Could Save Important Collections in The Netherlands Ria Warmerdam
  • The Netherlands: Music Things is Launched Ria Warmerdam
  • The Netherlands: Open Libraries Ria Warmerdam
  • The Netherlands: The Lute in the Golden Age Ria Warmerdam
  • South Africa: Music and Landscape Conference, Stellenbosch, South Africa, September 2013 Santie de Jongh
  • South Africa: New Publications by the International Library of African Music Santie de Jongh
  • South Africa: DOMUS Launches First Book and DVD on the Eoan Group Santie de Jongh



  • Giacomo Puccini: A Discography. By Roger Flury. John Schuster-Craig
  • Er ist der Vater, wir sind die Bub’n: Essays in Honor of Christoph Wolff. Edited by Paul Corneilson and Peter Wollny Allan Badley
  • Musique en bibliothèque. Sous la direction de Gilles Pierret Adélaïde Kientzi
  • Patriotism and Nationalism in Music Education. Edited by David G. Hebert and Alexandra Kertz-Welzel. Veronica Jamset
  • Music and Performance Culture in Nineteenth-Century Britain: Essays in Honour of Nicholas Temperley. Edited by Bennett Zon. Ian Taylor
  • Samuel Barber: A Thematic Catalogue of the Complete Works. By Barbara B. Heyman. John Schuster-Craig
  • A Guide to Playing the Baroque Guitar. By James Tyler. Gary R. Boye
  • The Music of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. By David Schulenberg. Balázs Mikusi

  • Women, Music, Culture: An Introduction. By Julie C. Dunbar. Renée McBride
  • The Collected Writings of Franz Liszt, Vol. 2: Essays and Letters of a Traveling Bachelor of Music. Edited and translated by Janita R. Hall- Swadley. Clive Simmonds
  • Music and Soviet Power, 1917-32. By Marina Frolova-Walker and Jonathan Walker. Cameron Pyke
  • Unmasking Ravel: New Perspectives on the Music. Edited by Peter Kaminsky. Keith E. Clifton


Vol. 60/3, July – September 2013


Special Topic: Service and Training
Guest Editor: Geoff Thomason

  • Service and Training: an international perspective Geoff Thomason
  • Actions Speaking Louder Than Words: Building a Successful Tutorials Program at the University Of Washington Libraries Verletta Kern
  • Social Media: Strategies for Success for Music Libraries, or Beyond Creating an Account Remi Castonguay
  • Assessing Music Reference Services in an Age of Vanishing Reference Desks Kirstin Dougan
  • Music librarianship courses in Germany Jürgen Diet
  • The Music Library Association’s Educational Outreach Program Holling Smith-Bourne
  • Music Business Education in Canada: Implications for Collection Development Paul Guise
  • A Continuing Necessity: UK and Ireland Training Courses Past – and Future? Geoff Thomason
  • The Wheel Still Turns: Music Librarianship Training at Aberystwyth University, 15 Years On John Wagstaff
  • The Music Librarianship Programs at Indiana University Keith Cochran
  • Instruct Library Patrons through Recital Performances Scott Stone
  • Job Swapping: A Professional Internship and Exchange Abroad in Research Music Libraries Ines Pampel


Vol. 60/4, October – December 2013

Management Reports

  • Council Report Pia Shekhter
  • Treasurer’s Report Kathy Adamson

Ad-hoc Committees

  • Ad-Hoc Committee on Electronic Voting Roger Flury
  • Ad-Hoc Committee on Electronic Fontes Jutta Lambrecht
  • Ad-Hoc Committee on the Restructuring of IAML John Roberts
  • Rapport du Comité spécial sur la restructuration de l’AIBM John Roberts
  • Bericht des Ad-Hoc-Komitees zur Neustrukturierung der IVMB John Roberts

Professional Branches

  • Archives and Music Documentation Centres Marie-Gabrielle Soret
  • Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries Sabina Benelli / Nienke de Boer
  • Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions Claire Kidwell
  • Public Libraries Carolyn Dow / Hanneke Kuiper
  • Research Libraries Kerstin Carpvik

Subject Commissions

  • Bibliography Jaakko Tuohiniemi
  • Audio-Visual Materials Andrew Justice
  • Service and Training Geoff Thomason
  • Cataloguing Joseph Hafner / Anders Cato
  • Sub-Commission on UNIMARC Isabelle Gauchet-Doris
  • Sub-Commission on ISBD and Music Massimo Gentili- Tedeschi

Working Groups

  • Access to Music Archives Inger Enquist / Jon Bagüés
  • Access to Music Ephemera Paul Banks
  • Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions and Accreditation Federica Riva
  • Creation of a Digital Collections Database Andrew Justice


  • Constitution Richard Chesser
  • Copyright Helen Faulkner
  • Outreach Martie Severt
  • Programme Stanisław Hrabia
  • Publications Jutta Lambrecht

R-Projects and Other Collaborative Projects

  • Repertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM) Klaus Keil
  • Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM) Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie
  • Répertoire International d’Iconographie Musicale (RIdIM) Antonio Baldassare
  • Répertoire international de la presse musicale (RIPM) H. Robert Cohen
  • Fontes Artis Musicae Maureen Buja
  • IAML-L Bonna Boetticher
  • International Standard Music Number (ISMN) Carolin Unger

National Reports

Corresponding Editors

  • Australia: Becoming Wagnerites: Richard Wagner (1813–1883) and Australia Evelyn Portek
  • Croatia: Franjo Ksaver Kuhač (1834-1911): Together in Preserving and Presenting Cultural Heritage Željka Radovinović
  • Finland: Solo songs by Brahms, Schubert and Schumann - free on-line Heikki Poroila
  • Italy - Florence: Closure of the Music Department of the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Paola Gibbin
  • Italy - Venice : Spanish Imperial Court Music Manuscripts found in the Biblioteca Marciana Anna Claut
  • Italy - Bologna: Artelibro book fair on music and exhibitions in libraries Gianmario Merizzi
  • Italy - Turin: Cabiria Research Project of the University of Turin Federica Riva
  • Japan: Research on Printed Music Published in Japan before 1945 commissioned by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Mari N. Itoh


  • Music is My Life: Louis Armstrong, Autobiography, and American Jazz. By Daniel Stein. Ken Prouty
  • The Life and Twelve-Note Music of Nikos Skalkottas. By Eva Mantzourani. Alexandros Charkiolakis
  • Women of Influence in Contemporary Music: Nine American Composers. Edited by Michael K. Slayton. Cindy Richardson
  • Briefwechsel Alban Berg – Helene Berg. Gesamtausgabe. Teil I: 1907–1911. Aus den Beständen der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek. Hrsg. von Herwig Knaus und Thomas Leibnitz. Nick Chadwick
  • The Ashgate Research Companion to Henry Purcell. Edited by Rebecca Herissone. Alon Schab

Recent Publications in Music compiled by Geraldine Ostrove and David Summerfield

Index compiled by Stanley Boorman


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