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Jazz in Spain - Call for papers

Dear friends,

Here goes some info on the first Spanish conference devoted to the history and development of jazz music in our country, organized in November 2013 in Valencia. I wish it may be interesting for some of you. Thank you in advance for your attention!


Jorge García

President of Aedom, the Spanish Branch of IAML

Music Department of Culturarts – Generalitat Valenciana


Jazz in Spain - CALL FOR PAPERS

News from Spain: MUSIKASTE - Semana de la Música vasca in Errenteria: 09.-18.05.2013

MUSIKASTE the festival for Basque music is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a new edition of the Semana de la Música vasca.
Here you can see and hear our collegue Jon Bagüés (Director of ERESBIL - archivo vasco de la música) presenting the programm in a press conference.



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