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B. Dukay, Ábrahám, M., Mikusi, B., und Jámbor, F., Excerpts from eternity : the purification of time and character, the fulfilment of love, cooperation with the Celestial Will in Johann Sebastian Bach's Ciaccona for Violin . Budapest: BioBach-Music B. and Music Publ. L.P, 2017, S. 148.
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J. Bonomo, Field recordings from the inside : essays /. United States: Berkeley, CA : Soft Skull Press, 2017, S. 262 pages :.
C. McCoy und Stimeling, T. D., Fifty cents and a box top : the creative life of Nashville session musician Charlie McCoy /, First edition. United States: Morgantown : West Virginia University Press, 2017, S. 1 online resource :.
H. Abrams, Lathos, J., und Hudson, P., Finding Joseph I: an oral history of H.R. from Bad Brains. United States: New York, NY : Lesser Gods, 2017, S. 272 pages .
M. Brown, HOskins, R., und Meehan, N., Finding language : the Massey University composer addresses. Wellington: Victoria University Press, 2017, S. 171 pages; illustrations.
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M. Rannie, Gary Karr : Life on the G string. Canada: Victoria, B.C. : FriesenPress, 2017, S. 324.
M. Takahisa, Geinō denshōron : dentō geinō minzoku geinō ni okeru enja to keifu /. Japan: Tōkyō : Iwatashoin,, 2017, S. 397p ;.
M. Takahisa, Geinō denshōron : dentō geinō, minzoku geinō ni okeru ensha to keifu /. Japan: Tōkyō : Iwata Shoin,, 2017, S. 397 pages :.
C. Björkman und Karlsson, P., Generalen : bara jag vet vem som vinner /. Sweden: Stockholm : Forum, 2017, S. 390 Seiten :.
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M. Kym, Gone : a girl, a violin, a life unstrung /, First edition. United States: New York : Crown, 2017, S. 227 pages ;.
C. H. Bourke, Good-bye Maoriland : the songs and sounds of New Zealand's Great War. Auckland : Auckland University Press, 2017, S. ix, 294 pages; illustrations.
E. Mörck, "Guds speleman", "Vår Herres kantor" Albert Runbäck 1894-1974 . Sweden: Lund : [Lunds universitet], 2017, S. 305 sidor :.
R. Kimura, Hachidaime Ichikawa Danjūrō : kedakaku saita Edo no hana /. Japan: Tōkyō : Yoshikawa Kōbunkan,, 2017, S. xiii, 231 pages :.