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Jávorszky BS.  2017.  Sebő 70. :142+1CD.
Watanabe T.  2017.  Sengo kabuki no seishinshi . :315pages:.
Bartig K.  2017.  Sergei Prokofiev's Alexander Nevsky . :x,161pages:.
Southall B.  2017.  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band : the album, The Beatles and the world in 1967 /. :192pages:illustrations(somecolour),portraits;26cm...
Southall B.  2017.  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band : the album, the Beatles, and the world in 1967 . :192pages:.
Lethem J, Dettmar KJH.  2017.  Shake it up : great American writing on rock and pop from Elvis to Jay Z /. :xv,601pages;.
Kanbe S..  2017.  Shiberiusu . :253,43pages;.
hAllmhuráin GÓ.  2017.  A short history of Irish traditional music. :208pages.
Ezaki K, Sawasaki M.  2017.  Shōka daijiten. :758pages:.
Kokuritsu bunraku gekijō..  2017.  Shōwa sanjūnen shōwa sanjūgonen . Shōwahen-4:579pages;.
Chapman JL.  2017.  Singing and teaching singing : a holistic approach to classical voice /. :xxi,371pages:illustrations,music;$c26cm.
Dell H, Hickey H.  2017.  Singing death : reflections on music and mortality /. :xii,202pages:.
Phelan H.  2017.  Singing the rite to belong : music, ritual, and the new Irish . :1onlineresource..
Cunningham MG.  2017.  Sixteen cantigas de Santa Maria with dotted rhythm : study and transcriptions . :x,180pages:illustrations,music.
Eglinton M.  2017.  So let it be written : the biography of Metallica's James Hetfield /. :219pages,8unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Noya-Miranda F-J.  2017.  Sociología de la música: fundamentos teóricos, resultados empíricos y perspectivas críticas.. Biblioteca Universitaria. :639p..
Froehlich HC, Smith GDylan.  2017.  Sociology for music teachers : practical applications /. :xiii,193pages:.
Kramer L, Leppert RD, Bernhart W.  2017.  Song acts : writings on words and music /. Volume 16:xix,463pages:.
Hall ÞDaphne., Dibben N., Ingolfsson. AHeimir, Mitchell T.  2017.  Sounds Icelandic . :1onlineresource.
Crawford S, Saah J, Connolly C.  2017.  Spoke : images and stories from the 1980s Washington, DC punk scene /. :128pages:.
Tamvakos T.  2017.  Spyridōn-Filiskos Samaras (17.11.1861 - 25.3.1917) : Episēmē diskografia (1904-2016). Symvolē sta 100 chronia apo tēn endēmia tou = Σπυρίδων - Φιλίσκος Σαμάρας: επίσημη δισκογραφία (1904-2016) · συμβολή στα 100 χρόνια από την εκδημία του. :122p..
Egea S.  2017.  Stanislavski, Meyerhold y Chaliapin: La interpretación operística. Debate. 25:296p..
Arena J, Harrison D, Wash M.  2017.  Stars of 21st century dance pop and EDM : 33 DJs, producers and singers discuss their careers /. :ix,242pages:.
Martin AR.  2017.  Steelpan ambassadors : the US Navy Steel Band, 1957-1999 /. :1onlineresource(viii,249pages).
Heine C, González-Martínez J-M.  2017.  The String Quartet in Spain.. Varia Musicologica. 22:860p..