Shotgun angels : my story of broken roads and unshakable hope /

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Grand Rapids, Michigan :, United States, p.234 pages ; (2019)

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Biography., Christian life, Country musicians, United States, United States.


Includes bibliographical references.Dear reader -- First times -- Coda -- Deep roots, rich soil -- All that and a sack of potatoes -- Good-bye, Columbus -- More wild turns -- Scraping by -- Some beautiful things can crush you -- My downward spiral -- Losing my way -- Fiddle and steel -- That's not going to work for me -- Beautiful winds the broken road -- Eternal sadness of a satisfied soul -- Shotgun angels -- My ultimate hope."From his humble beginnings in Ohio, to the spark of early fame in Nashville, to a fair share of surprises and setbacks, Jay has learned firsthand that the blessing only comes through the broken road. Shotgun Angels details his path to celebrated heights, as well as the hope instilled in him at a young age that started it all - a hope that sustained him when it looked like his music career was over, and continues to fuel him today."--