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Womack K, O'Toole K.  2021.  Fandom and the Beatles : the act you've known for all these years /. :1onlineresource(xii,283pages):.
Otte AP.  2022.  Famous composers -- diseases reloaded . :1onlineresource(xvii,175pages).
Barnett A.  2021.  Fallen from the Moon : Robert Edward Juice Wilson : his life on Earth, a dossier /. :88pages:.
[Gast].  2018.  Falla, noche en los confines de España, 1931-1939. :160p..
Tímea M.  2019.  A falak leomlanak : a rendszerváltás és a könnyűzene : az NKA Hangfoglaló Program Magyar Könnyűzenei Örökség Megőrzését Támogató Alprogramjának konferenciája . :147.
Stanley B, Sanders K.  2022.  The faith of Elvis : a story only a brother can tell /. :xv,237pages,8unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Hepworth D.  2020.  A fabulous creation : how the LP saved our lives /. :1volume:.
Kenyon N.  2011.  The Faber pocket guide to Bach . :496p.;.
Cazelais N.  2016.  Éva Gauthier : la voix de l'audace /. :266pages:.
Cohen L, Garneau M.  2018.  Étrange musique étrangère . :289pages;.
Lanctôt J.  2015.  Éric Lapointe : biographie /. :1onlineresource..
Navarre J-P..  2019.  Écrits des castrats sur le chant. . 2:1v.(XXX-313p.):.
Ramaut-Chevassus B, Fargeton P.  2019.  Écoute multiple, écoute des multiples . :1vol.(355p.):.
Tau M.  2022.  Extreme music : from silence to noise and everything in between /. :367pages,8unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Sheppard WAnthony.  2019.  Extreme exoticism : Japan in the American musical imagination /. :xiv,623pages:.
McTavish A.  2019.  Expressive arts and design in the early years : supporting young children's creativity through art, design, music, dance and imaginative play /. :1onlineresource:.
Weinel J.  2021.  Explosions in the mind : composing psychedelic sounds and visualisations /. :1onlineresource..
Gregory G., Dines M..  2021.  Exploring the Spiritual in Popular Music : Beatified Beats /. :1onlineresource(265p.)..
Solomos M.  2023.  Exploring the ecologies of music and sound. . :1onlineresource.
Griffin M.  2012.  Exploring music with keyboard : fundamentals of notation : teacher manual /. :26,47leaves:.
Bloxam MJennifer, Shenton A.  2017.  Exploring Christian song . :xix,238pages:.
G. Barrett D.  2023.  Experimenting the human : art, music, and the contemporary posthuman /. :220pages:.
Onsman A, Burke R.  2019.  Experimentation in improvised jazz : chasing ideas /. :xi,192pages;.
Onsman A, Burke R.  2020.  Experimentation in improvised jazz : chasing ideas /. :1volume;.
Cooke A.  2019.  Experimental Wales : a field guide to off-grid Welsh Music /. :43pages:.