Hit girls : women of punk in the USA, 1975-1983 /

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Feral House,, Port Townsend, WA, United States, p.306 pages : (2023)



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(OCoLC)fst01084153, (OCoLC)fst01099204, (OCoLC)fst01941176, (OCoLC)fst01941560, 1971-1980, 1981-1990, Biography., fast, History and criticism., History., Punk rock music, Punk rock music., Rock music, Rock music., United States, Women punk rock musicians, Women punk rock musicians., Women's bands (Music)


"Women have been kicking against the pricks of music patriarchy since Sister Rosetta Tharpe first played the guitar riffs that built rock-n-roll. The explosion of punk sent shockwaves of revolution to every girl who dreamed of being on stage. Punk godmothers Suzy Quatro, The Runaways, Patti Smith, Poison Ivy, Tina Weymouth, Debbie Harry, The Go-Gos, and Fanny's Millington sisters provided the template for thousands of girls and women throughout the United States to write and record their songs. Hit Girls is the story local and regional bands whose legacy would be otherwise lost. Despite the modern narrative labeled women anomalies in rock music, the truth is: women played important roles in punk and its related genres in every city, in every scene, all over the United States. The women and bands profiled by Jen B. share their experiences of sexism and racism as well as their joy and successes from their days on stage as they changed what it meant to be in a band. These pioneering women were more than novelty acts or pretty faces--they were fully contributing members and leaders of mixed-gender and all-female bands long before the call for "girls to the front.""--Publisher's web site"This history of women in punk rock celebrates such pioneers such as Suzy Quatro, The Runaways, Patti Smith, Poison Ivy, Tina Weymouth and Debbie Harry as well as countless other regional bands and artists"--Includes bibliographical references (pages 298-301) and index.Essays ¡Feminista! By Alice Bag -- Neo Boys Liner Notes by Suzi Creamcheese -- 1. Midwest: Hit Girls, Haute Girls -- Destroy All Monsters -- The Welders -- Nikki & the Corvettes -- Flirt -- Chi-Pig -- DA! -- The Shivvers -- The Waitresses -- Bitch -- The Dadistics -- The Cubes -- Unit 5 -- Ama-Dots -- The Dents -- Kate Fagan -- Algebra Suicide -- Dummy Club -- 2. South: Feast on My Heart -- Pylon -- Cichlids -- The Klitz -- The Delinquents -- Mydolls -- Screaming Sneakers -- The Cold -- F-Systems -- Teddy and the Frat Girls -- The Foams -- 3. Northwest: Guys Are Not Proud -- The Dishrags -- Chinas Comidas -- The Accident -- Neo Boys -- The Anemic Boyfriends -- Sado-Nation -- Art Object -- The Braphsmears -- The Visible Targets -- Bam Bam -- 4. West Coast (South): Manic in a Panic -- Backstage Pass -- The Bags -- The Controllers -- Castration Squad -- The Alley Cats -- The Eyes -- Suburban Lawns -- The Dinettes -- The Brat -- 45 Grave -- Tex & the Horseheads -- Sin 34 -- The Pandoras -- Screamin' Sirens -- 5. West Coast (North): Shake the Hands of Time -- Mary Monday -- The Nuns -- The Avengers -- The Blowdryers -- The Urge -- VS -- VKTMS -- U.X.A. -- IXNA -- Los Microwaves -- Romeo Void -- The Contractions -- Inflatable Boy Clams -- Wilma -- Frightwig -- 6. East Coast: Subversive Pleasure -- Jayne County -- Mars -- The Phantoms -- Helen Wheels Band -- 'B' Girls -- Teenage Jesus & the Jerks -- Cheap Perfume -- DNA -- Nasty Facts -- UT -- ESG -- Plasmatics -- Tiny Desk Unit -- Disturbed Furniture -- Bush Tetras -- Y Pants -- Egoslavia -- Dizzy and the Romilars -- Chalk Circle -- The Excuses -- Red C -- The Bloods -- Pulsallama.