Varia Ragusina : studije i ogledi o starim knjigama i muzikalijama dubrovačkim

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Biblioteka prošlost i sadašnjost, Dubrovnik : Matica hrvatska, Ogranak, Volume knj.50, Croatia, p.149 (2017)




Croatian Music, Dubrovnik, Rennnaisance


<p>In this collection of Ennio Stipčević, Ivana Petravić and Grantley McDonald's studies of some of the recent researches of Dubrovnik's Renaissance music and culture, there have been searches, bibliographic wandering and a somewhat sudden discovery: from the newly-created and reconstructed compositions by Lambert Courtoy, poet's canonizer Nade Bunić, the titles of Marina Držić, then Tassova Aminta in the newly-printed version of Dominko Zlatarić, and the music of Italian composers dedicated to the Cvijeta Zuzorić, and finally to the undisputed compendia used by the Dubrovnik nobleman and the multiple knight Nikola Vitov Gučetić. At the very end there is an interesting discussion Marinela Rusković Krištić, in which this young musicologist signs a very interesting study of one of the private collections of the Italian opera booklets. Any discovery imposes new questions and doubts.</p>