Svijet jazza : od Adorna do Zorna : antologija tekstova

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Zagreb : Sandorf, Croatia, p.705 (2018)


ISBN 9789533510446


Jazz in Croatia, Theory of Jazz


This unique anthology of jazz lyrics by jazz musicians and / or theoreticians is divided into three parts: Theory and History of World Jazz; Jazz, Literature and Comics, and Jazz in Croatia. The book is an attempt by the organizer of Saša Dracha to offer interested people a deeper insight into the phenomenon of jazz and to fill in gaps in the literature on jazz music in Croatian.
In the first part - Theory and history of world jazz - there are texts dealing with jazz values (Theodor Adorno, Eric Hobsbawm, Rašeljka Krnić, Antun Tomislav Šaban, Tina Lešničar, Wynton Marsalis & Herbie Hancock, Gary Burton etc.), then texts who offer broader historical reviews (Boris Vian, Milen Alempijević, etc.) and autobiographical or biographical texts that tell about the lives and work of individual musicians as well as the opportunities in the time they were created (Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, etc.). [...]
The second part - Jazz, Literature and Strip - offers works by worlds but also by our authors who are either inspired by jazz, or some of the musicians, by Francis Scott Fitzgerald and Josef Skvaric, through Julia Cortázar, Harukija Murakami and Amirija Barake, to Josip Novaković , Mate Matišić and Danijela Žeželja.
In the third part - Jazz in Croatia - he is trying to fill in perhaps the biggest gap in Croatian publicity and in a series of collected articles offer as much information as possible on jazz on our site, from the legendary promoter and pedagogue of Mire Križić, and composer and chronicler Ive Circle, texts about Boško Petrović or about jazz on our film and television, up to the selected jazz world's synopsis, from the Third Radio Television Program, which followed a very vibrant Croatian jazz scene during 2017 and the first half of 2018.