Relationship Completion in Palliative Care Music Therapy

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Barcelona Publishers, United States (2021)


9781945411656 (print) ; 9781945411663 (e-book)



Relationships are significant in end-of-life care. Music therapy research and descriptive writing have built a body of knowledge supporting efficacy, enabling clinicians to implement evidence-based practices in their work. While relationships and relationship completion have been studied in end-of-life care, there are no written guidelines based on the best practices of relationship completion in palliative care music therapy. Thus, this is the impetus for this book.
"Relationship Completion in Palliative Care Music Therapy" provides foundational information on relationships, relationship completion in end-of-life care, locations of care, and the scope of the continuum of music experiences. It is written by an international group of experts who collaborated over two years to develop this resource. With particular attention to the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusivity, intercultural competence and anti-oppressive practices are threaded throughout the text with a focus on music therapy techniques for the patient and caregivers. Step by step guidelines are provided for work with children and adults, which are divided into receptive, improvisational, compositional, and recreative categories. Further, a chapter on education and training guidelines is provided, alongside considerations in end-of-life care such as funeral planning, medical assistance in dying, dying alone, and bereavement. This text is a must-read for clinicians, educators and researchers working with the dying and bereaved.