Lovro Matačić

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Vidić, Ana


Fond Lovro i Lilly Matačić : Zagreb, Croatia, p.264 (2019)


ISBN 9789534887608


<p>Book on the life and work of the greatest Croatian conductor, maestro Lovro Matačić. The book chronologically follows the course of Matačić's professional career, with an attempt to sketch out some personal indication of the private sphere. This is the result of the processing and selection of information from the Matačić monograph and their supplement to other material available, mostly written in print, documentation from the Matačić Heritage stored in the Archives of the Croatian Music Institute and data from several domestic and foreign institutions with which maestro Matačić was connected during his lifetime. The bilingual edition (in Croatian and English), equipped with numerous photographs, presents the Lovro and Lilly Matačić Fund at the 121st birthday of Lovro Matačić, in the year of the 35th anniversary of his death.</p>