Giuseppe Verdi i Ivan Zajc. Pokušaj usporedbe karijera, razvoja i stilskih značajki

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Conference Paper


Odjeci bitke kod Sigeta i mita o Nikoli Šubiću Zrinskom u umjetnosti = The Impact of the Battle of Szigetvár and the Myth of Nikola Šubić Zrinjski on the Arts (Music, Visual Arts, Literature), Hrvatsko muzikološko društvo : Zagreb, Croatia (2018)




Giuseppe Verdi, Ivan Zajc, Musicians Career Musicians, Opera, Stil in Music


During his life, and especially in the third period of his career (after settling in Zagreb), Ivan Zajc bore the burden of being pathetically called »the Croatian Verdi». Zajc resisted that
inaccurate comparison with patient pride, trying with all his artistic imagination, in the wake of a new national onsciousness, to produce his own music, close to the spirit of an ideal Croatian music. This paper tries to find parallels between the careers of the two mus,cans, often uncritically idealised and placed on a pedestal as national symbols It also tries to compare the development of their respective composing styles from early works to later pieces. Especially emphasized is Verdi's undeniable impact on the formation o Zajc's music idiom, which - in spite of Zajc's pragmatic adjustments to the taste and demands of the Viennese and Zagreb's milieus - remained noticeable during his entire career.