A complete absence of wit & wisdom : occasional writing by New Zealand composer Philip Norman

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Nota Bene Music, Christchurch, New Zealand, p.196 (2022)



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Composers -- New Zealand -- Biography


<p>"A hugely entertaining collection of articles, lyrics and talks from New Zealand composer and author." --Back cover.</p><p class="font8">"Whilst rocketing towards decrepitude (one of his chapter titles), Philip reveals an&nbsp;energetic&nbsp;and productive life as a composer, lyricist, writer and conductor. Philip&nbsp;amusingly&nbsp;and convincingly argues that geographical location does not compromise the nature or worth of an artist's expression, a recurring theme in his writings, backed by a substantial body of work documenting and championing the work and lives of many New Zealand composers, including his award-winning biography of Douglas Lilburn. He is never afraid to question the validity of&nbsp;opinions&nbsp;held dear by many in our artistic community.&nbsp;Other topics include the challenges of a freelance existence, music critics, arts councils, ailing cars,&nbsp;<i>Die Meistersinger</i>&nbsp;in das Wellington Geflügelhaus, blowflies at an Australian barbecue, knightly dalliances in the Dark Ages, gardening as a perennial bondage, and music as a booster of milk production in cows. The reader will be simultaneously informed and charmed.&nbsp;To describe the book as having 'a complete absence' of wit and wisdom is an offence under the Fair Trading Act: it is full of both."&nbsp; Sir Roger Hall</p>