Advocating for Music: Connecting with Serbia

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Međunarodna konferencija BDS "O čemu govorim kada govorim o bibliotekama", Decembar 13-15 2017, Beograd: Bibliotekarsko društvo Srbije, Serbia (2018)


Advocating, Exhibitions., Faculty of Music in Belgrade, IAML


<p>IAML, the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres is currently developing a dedicated advocacy programme with a specific focus on enhancing access to music information and showing that music matters. In our paper we would like to demonstrate how we are developing this programme and how IAML’s advocacy committee aspires to support the many initiatives from its member libraries and national IAML branches. We will demonstrate this with examples from Serbia, where the Faculty of Music Library fulfils the role of an unofficial national representative in IAML. Librarians at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade continuously promote the value of the Library collections and encourage users to explore fully the Library resources. In that respect, we regularly prepare small exhibitions on the occasions of various anniversaries and concerts, and organize presentations on the use of classical and online library resources. Librarians promote their activities through poster presentations and online posts, but also by appearing in the media. We also draw attention and moreover obtain funding through projects of preservation and promotion of special collections and projects which provide technological progress. Advocating for music is part of our daily work in the Library of FoM. Nevertheless, participation in IAML’s Advocacy Committee led us to approach this part of our work deliberately, with more focus and clearer goals. The paper we present is part of this effort.</p>