Recording analysis : how the record shapes the song /

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London : Routledge,, United Kingdom , p.1 online resource : (2020)


9781315617176 (ebook) :

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Analysis, appreciation., Popular music, Production and direction., Sound recordings, Sound recordings in musicology.


Includes bibliographical references and index.<P>List of Figures</P><P>List of Tables</P><P>List of Praxis Studies</P><P>Preface</P><P>Introduction</P><P><STRONG>Part One</STRONG></P><P>1. Recording Analysis: Domains, Disciplines, Approaches</P><P>2. Overview of Framework: Principles and Concepts, Materials and Organization</P><P>3. Domain and Elements of Music</P><P>4. Domain of Lyrics: The Voice of the Song </P><P>5. Observing Elements of Music and Lyrics in Records </P><P><B>Part Two</P></B><P>6. The Recording Domain: Elements, Listening, Notation, Rhythm</P><P>7. Timbre and Pitch in the Recording Domain</P><P>8. The Illusion of Space as an Element of Recording</P><P>9. Loudness, the Confluence of Domains and Deep Listening</P><P>10. Analyzing Recording Elements: Their Contributions to the Record</P><P>Appendix A: Praxis Studies</P><P>Bibliography</P><P>Discography</P><P>Acknowledgements</P><P>Index</P>Description based on CIP data; resource not viewed.