Experiencing Debussy : a listener's companion /

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Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield,, United States, p.xxi, 133 pages ; (2019)



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Includes bibliographical references and index.The early years: rebel and insider -- Impressionist versus symbolist -- Debussy and Wagner: an uneasy alliance -- Debussy and Ravel -- The Water Music -- A French nationalist with an eye toward the East -- Debussy's achievement and legacy.Claude Debussy holds a place as a one of the most recognizable and influential composers in the classical music. Debussy forged a new and influential sound for the twentieth century with his remarkable harmonies, fluid rhythms, airy textures, and an instinct for mystery and beauty. In Experiencing Debussy: A Listener's Companion, Teresa Davidian welcomes readers into the infectious appeal of Debussy's major works to consider how they can still attract and move audiences. In such works as the hauntingly beautiful Clair de Lune and the groundbreaking Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, Davidian looks beneath the surface of the music to explain its power, all the while drawing connections between different pieces to place them securely within the context of Debussy's life and times. Written in an accessible style, Experiencing Debussy provides an engaging tour through Debussy's works for the concertgoers, movie buffs, performers, and students regardless of musical background [Publisher description]