Born for this : my story in music /

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Winans, BeBe,


New York : Faith Words,, United States, p.viii, 225 pages ; (2019)

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Biography., Christian biography., Gospel musicians, Rhythm and blues musicians, Singers, United States


Includes bibliographical references (pages 221-224) and discography (pages 219-220).Who am I? -- The long journey home -- What do you see? -- Preacher man -- My white-ish roots -- My foundation and the air of home -- The business of brothers -- When God doesn't make it happen -- Raising my voice and seizing opportunity, whatever the circumstance -- I like your voice, not your color -- The only think you know is the needle -- The scary steps of doing what you love -- Just when things were getting good -- Letting it go -- Teaching to love instead of hate -- The loneliness of fame -- Leaving the PTL -- Saying goodbye to Jim and Tammy -- Not quite ready to fly -- How Whitney Houston taught me to guard my heart -- How much does my soul cost? -- Love & freedom -- The fame that matters most.BeBe Winans, six-time Grammy Award-winning singer and member of Gospel music's royal family, shares the candid and close-up journey of pursuing his dreams while holding on to his faith. Benjamin "BeBe" Winans always knew he was born to be a Gospel singer. Growing up watching his four older brothers perform fueled his dream to be on stage, and as teenagers, he and his younger sister CeCe were offered the opportunity to move from Detroit to North Carolina and join the Praise the Lord Singers for The PTL Club, hosted by the eccentric Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. Under the Bakkers' wings, BeBe and CeCe became the most popular televangical stars in America and soon found themselves choosing between their family values and the temptations of fame and fortune. Like a conversation with a lifelong friend, BeBe invites readers and loyal fans alike to share in never-before-revealed details about life in the crossfires between church, Gospel music, and the mainstream recording industry. He shares personal stories about his mentor Andraâe Crouch and close friend Whitney Houston, who both had a major impact on his life. As he reflects on the obstacles, the disappointments, the victories, the surprises, the racism, and the love he has encountered, he realizes that when we understand our value before God, we can participate in a daily glory and peace for which we were all born.