Beethoven 1806

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New York, NY : Oxford University Press,, United States, p.xxi, 245 pages : (2019)

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19th century, History and criticism., Music


Includes bibliographical references and index.Between early 1806 and early 1807, Ludwig van Beethoven completed a remarkable series of instrumental works. But critics have struggled to reconcile the music of this banner year with Beethoven's "heroic style," the paradigm through which his middle-period works have typically been understood. Drawing on theories of mediation and a wealth of primary sources, Beethoven 1806 explores the specific contexts in which the music of this year was conceived, composed, and heard. As author Mark Ferraguto argues, understanding this music depends on appreciating the relationships that it both creates and reflects. Not only did Beethoven depend on patrons, performers, publishers, critics, and audiences to earn a living, but he also tailored his compositions to suit particular sensibilities, proclivities, and technologies.After Leonore -- Music for a virtuoso: Opuses 58 and 61 -- Music for a diplomat: Opus 59 -- Music for a culture hero: Opus 60 -- Music for a French piano: WoO 80 -- Music for a playwright: Opus 62 -- Conclusion: "everyday" Beethoven.