Hinterland remixed : media, memory, and the Canadian 1970s /

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Montreal ;, Canada, p.xii, 248 pages : (2019)



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Arts, Canada., Collective memory, Culture populaire, Mémoire collective, Nineteen seventies., Popular culture


Nation, Nature, and Nostalgia: Hinterland Who's Who -- "A record of the last wilderness on earth": La Région Centrale, Landscape, and the Long '70s -- "SCTV now begins its programming day": Television, Satire, and the Archive -- Memory, Magnetic Tape, and Death by Popcorn -- Remediating the Long '70s.Includes bibliographical references (pages 217-231) and index."Like the flute melody from Hinterland Who's Who, the 1970s haunt Canadian cultural memory. Though the decade often feels lost to history, Hinterland Remixed focuses on boldly innovative works as well as popular film, television, and music to show that Canada never fully left the 1970s behind. Andrew Burke reveals how contemporary artists and filmmakers have revisited the era's cinematic and televisual residues to uncover what has been lost over the years. Investigating how the traces of an analogue past circulate in a digital age, Burke digs through the remnants of 1970s Canadiana and examines key audiovisual works from this overlooked decade, uncovering the period's aspirations, desires, fears, and anxieties. He then looks to contemporary projects that remix, remediate, and reanimate the period. Exploring an idiosyncratic selection of works--from Michael Snow's experimental landscape film La Région Centrale, to SCTV's satirical skewering of network television, to L'Atelier national du Manitoba's video lament for the Winnipeg Jets--this book asks key questions about nation, nostalgia, media, and memory. A timely intervention, Hinterland Remixed demands we recognize the ways in which the unrealized cultural ambitions and unresolved anxieties of a previous decade continue to resonate in our current lives."--Issued also in electronic format.