Maestros : original obituaries of 101 great composers /

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Sussex, England : Blue Magpie, United Kingdom, p.568 pages ; (2018)

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Music., Musicians, Musicians., Necrologies., Obituaries.


Original obituaries of 101 of the world's greatest classical composers, including Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Mozart, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Wagner, Elgar, Chopin and many others, published contemporaneously in music journals and newspapers across the world. This collection enlightens us as to how these geniuses were regarded at the time of their deaths - revealing how some of the composers we revere today were actually barely known when they passed away - and traces the way in which classical music developed across the centuries. They are the accounts of supremely talented men and women, whose names live on through works that continue to give pleasure to millions. Includes a foreword by Clemency Burton-Hill, the author of the best-selling Year of Wonder - Classical Music for every day and former Radio 3 presenter.