The romantic overture and musical form from Rossini to Wagner

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New York, NY : Cambridge University Press,, United Kingdom ; , p.xiii, 289 pages : (2017)



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19th century., Overture


Includes bibliographical references (pages 269-279) and index.Making overtures -- Form as formula -- Potpourri overtures -- Beginning before the beginning -- Strong subordinate themes -- Open-ended expositions -- Recomposed recapitulations.In this book, Steven Vande Moortele offers a comprehensive account of operatic and concert overtures in continental Europe between 1815 and 1850. Discussing a broad range of works by German, French, Italian, and other composers, it is at once an investigation of the romantic overture within the context of mid-nineteenth-century musical culture and an analytical study that focuses on aspects of large-scale formal organization in the overture genre. While the book draws extensively upon the recent achievements of the "new Formenlehre", it does not use the overture merely as a vehicle for a theory of romantic form, but rather takes an analytical approach that engages with individual works in their generic context. -- from dust jacket.