Lady Gaga and the sociology of fame : the rise of a pop star in an age of celebrity /

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New York : Palgrave Macmillan,, United States, p.xii, 245 pages ; (2017)



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Celebrities., Fame, Feminism, Marketing, Popular culture, Sex, Social aspects., United States., Women singers


Includes bibliographical references and index.Popular culture and the sociology of fame -- The life and times of Lady Gaga -- The business of Lady Gaga -- The laws of Lady Gaga -- Gaga media : from internet to radio -- The audience of Lady Gaga : beyond the little monsters -- Gaga activism : the new ethics of pop culture -- The sex of Lady Gaga -- Art pop : the styles of Lady Gaga -- Epilogue: Professor goes Gaga : teaching Lady Gaga and the sociology of fame.This book investigates the stardom of Lady Gaga within a cultural-sociological framework. Resisting a reductionist perspective of fame as a commodity, Mathieu Deflem offers an empirical examination of the social conditions that informed Lady Gaga's rise to fame. The book delves into topics such as the marketing of Lady Gaga; the legal issues that have dogged her career; the media; her audience; her activism; issues of sex, gender, and sexuality; and Lady Gaga's unique artistry. By training a spotlight on this singular pop icon, Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame invites readers to consider the nature of stardom in an age of celebrity.