Hip hop's hostile gospel : a post-soul theological exploration /

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Leiden ; Boston : Brill,, Volume volume 6, Netherlands, p.xv, 222 pages ; (2017)

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hip-hop, History and criticism., Rap (Music), Religious aspects.


Includes bibliographical references (pages 207-219) and index.Introduction: Hip Hop's complexity & theological intricacy -- Context, societal change, & the construct of Hip Hop culture -- God in the cypher: theological narratives in Hip Hop -- Hip Hop's totemic prophet: Tupac Amaru Shakur -- Violence, death, & suffering in Hip Hop context -- No Jesus in the wild: race, & the Jesuz figure -- Conclusions: what is theology & spirituality in Hip Hop?In this book, Hodge takes into account the Christological, theological, and ecclesiological ruminations of a selected group of Hip Hop and rap song lyrics, interviews, and interviews from those defined as Hip Hoppers. The aim of this examination is to ascertain what a Hip Hop theology of community might entail, how it may look, and what it could feel like. The central premise are questions: does a Hip Hop "theology" even fit? Is there an actual motif which Hip Hoppers are espousing within the supernatural realm? This study concerns itself with just over 8,500 songs. Its timespan is between 1987-2011, and it contains interviews from those in the Hip Hop community [Publisher description].